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    Our users generate most of the feature ideas that drive MyRoute-app forwards. In this specific thread, we'll summarize suggestions put forward on the forum. A suggestion might have multiple interpretations, as such, all relevant interpretations will be linked here. Participants are encouraged to discuss suggestions within their respective threads. This thread should be used only for the discussion of the list itself, its' structure and possibly its' level of accuracy.

    Last updated on the 11th of march, 2020.

    MRA Routeplanner

    1. Show routes in map view of the library (ErikB)
    2. Sorting and filtering on events (MTC-TET Club)
    3. Remove unaccepted passed events automatically (MTC-TET Club)
    4. Change download directory (max auger)
    5. Adding multiple routes at once in the view of one route (Alan bowen)(Lisi Mayr)
    6. Add waypoint with GPS coordinates (Frenator)
    7. More advanced event editor (Guzzist)
    8. Show and possibly edit times for each waypoint (Royzee)(Tim Goodman)
    9. Add geo-tagged images to routes and tracks (ErikB)
    10. Blog feature for events and groups with privacy settings (MTC-TET Club)
    11. POI Name and icon editing (Guzzist)
    12. Show height profile of a route (Lisi Mayr)
    13. Flowchart route with decision waypoints (Dan Howell)
    14. Search routes based on destination (Con Hennekens)
    15. Collaborative route editing (Dan Howell)
    16. Download entire route library
    17. User profile and MRA profile integrated as one
    18. Live route calculation while dragging waypoints (Christian Schrenk)
    19. Rework POI's and Favorites to share behaviors (Drabslab)
    20. Save as Co-pilot .trp format (Mark Davies)
    21. Control where a waypoint is inserted on the route (Jeffrey Kogler)
    22. POI visibility on higher altitudes (Ron Cook)
    23. E-mail notifications on events (Guzzist)
    24. Save as editable text document (Brian Liechty)
    25. View speed limits (Will Brooks)
    26. change color of routeline (Will Brooks)

    MRA Navigation

    1. Use unpaved or gravel roads (Petri Salo)
    2. Generate "arrive later" route (Petri Salo)
    3. Android Auto and Apple Carplay
    4. Flowchart route with decision waypoints (Dan Howell)
    5. Speed limit symbol updates (Guzzist)
    6. Advanced in-app statistics (Guzzist)

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA
    ...really really perfect! That's what I mentioned.
    Thank you verry much 👏

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    @Guzzist Thank you. You're welcome 😁

    In the nearby future I'll start communicating about the progress of these features, which ones will be selected for development and which won't. We're also positively brainstorming with the team about ways to involve the community in selecting features in an appropriate manner.

  • Great Idea!
    Greets ErikB & MTC-TET 😉

  • Idon't know whether the following qualifies as "discussion of the list itself, its' structure and possibly its' level of accuracy" as I am basically adding to the list but I have the following additional requests:

    • A download option for all our routes in one go, respecting the folder structure, as backup

    • Integration of our MRA account and profile, and the forum account and profile with options to decide what we want to make public and what not


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    alt text

    Adding your suggestions to the list.

    Edit: additionally I believe @Guzzist made a similar suggestion regarding downloading all his routes.

  • My suggestions have been allowed. Snif, this is a very emotional moment, snif 😇

    @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA : yes, I discussed this with @Guzzist .

    If I am allowed an extra comment/ suggestion (a big one) then in general I would to see a better integration of all services.

    For instance, to be able to store all favorites only applicable to a x days trip in the routefolder of that trip, to connect a blog post with a specific trip, to integrate blogs with the forum etc...

    Most certainly, I miss a few of the original (or current) intentions of having all these different features, and there may be very good reasons not to do all this (not in the least because it is a heap of work), but I can't help but mentioning it.

    The risk of all these feature requests,although probably all improving things, is that when implementd on a case by case absis it may lead to "spaghetti" code and a totally incoherent site.

    So probably, MRA should take a step back, ask for all suggestions related to a specific subject, and implement in an organised way.

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    I think discussing the order of implementation and suggestions as to do it are fine here, don't worry about making a new thread 😀

    What you're talking about is something we're already doing behind the scenes, called Web 2.0. Web 2.0. is a future feature update that aims to connect all features within a new (though recognizable and highly familiar) shell. Once MRA Video is out of the way the first few major content updates will definitely be tailored towards the core of MRA: creating, finding and sharing routes.

  • I don't know what to expect from MRA video, but this kind of IT related specification/interface/feature development stuff really gets me going 😸

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    @Drabslab might want to check this one out then 😁

  • Can I add a couple of other suggestions which I've previously raised on the "old" topics/forums

    1. Add speed limit data for roads. This is already available and open source from OpenStreetMap data

    2. Being able to change the colour and transparency of the route line (solid black isn't always the most helpful!)

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    @Will-Brooks Hi Will, you may definitely suggest those! However, please do so in seperate threads as that will allow discussion on those subjects to happen in a structured manner. If someone else raises a similar suggestion, I'll then forward them that specific thread. This is to avoid having a conversation about detail here in the comments on the suggestion list.

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