• RE: A short break. A long test.


    Hi Jack,

    Thank you!

    In my personal experience the IOS and Android version worked very similarly and did not show much difference to one another than other competing apps on the same platforms. One thing I did notice was that the 'navigation arrow' tends to be more centered in Android than in iOS. I personally prefer the Navigation arrow to be lower in the screen so that more parts of the route/map are visible.

    Skipping waypoints also worked somewhat differently on a UI basis, but I didn't particularly prefer one version over the other. Since the IOS version got a bit more love (and iOS is a much more stable and dev-friendly platform than Android) it was a bit more stable. I had one hard crash on Android, but that picked back up exactly where I left off after restarting the app. Of note here though: Other (native) apps crashed as well, like the photo album. So I believe it's more of a platform/device issue than something related to MRA Navigation.

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  • RE: Hello from Australia

    Hi Travis,

    Welcome to the community. Hope you have some good trips! Make sure to catch some nice photo's for us all while you're on the road 😉

    Kind regards,


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  • A short break. A long test.

    Hi all,

    After 'riding in' the new BMW during a short break I'm now back at the office. It has been quite an adventure, particularly because the car was delivered with summer tires right before we've had the (hopefully last major) snowwy weekend in north-western Europe. Driving down an 1100m high mountain on an unsalted road with no guard rail in a brand new RWD -sedan on summer tires is something I don't wish on anyone. Did make for some top-gear esque moments though (because I literally could not brake).

    Vehicle survived. So did I. Some permanent sweat-stains in the steering wheel though, but that's now part of this car's story. What's also part of this car's story is that this will be the vehicle in which the brand new MRA Mobile app was first tested for a very, very long time both on Android and iOS. Aside some minor UI/UX issues, the app worked flawlessly and with a better battery-performance than the current app. This is particularly noteworthy as I also took the opportunity to test the latest build of the Navigation app (again, both on iOS and Android) thoroughly. The app worked amazingly well and held up great throughout the ride; especially since BMW decided to remove the route-import feature on their native navigation system. Even in a modern state-of-the-art vehicle MRA Navigation continues to be an asset to the distinguished traveler.

    Now that I'm back, I'll be brought back up to speed in the coming days. I'll also compile my experiences and test results in video's and posts here and on our Social Media account!

    See you around!


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  • LAUNCH: MRA Routeplanner Roadmap Update 1.3.

    Roadmap update 1.3. live

    After a winter of hard work, here is now the biggest adjustment of MRA Routeplanner since 2014. As you can see, we have completely adapted the route lab so that you can now create, find and share routes even easier. Get to know the brand new route maker or press read more below.

    • Single Sign-on. You can now log in with well-known social media platforms
    • Nearby routes. Search the area for beautiful routes
    • Route maker. Create beautiful routes with up to one click, both round trips and scenic routes.
    • Photos in routes. We are now getting photos from our public track library to spice up your routes.


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  • RE: navigon lifetime email

    Loving the conversation here!

    I can give a simple explanation on the matter. Navigation Lifetime is just like the Gold Lifetime, you get access till eternity 🙂
    Our apps need to be updated to display something else rather than a date (such as 01-01-2099). As we now only have the possibility to display dates, an arbitrary date somewhere in the far future has been chosen 😉

    We are working to support the following with Navigation:

    • Powered wheelchair vehicle selection
    • In building navigation with preloaded senior homes
    • POI's to quickly navigate to the restaurant or bingo
    • In app solitair minigame
    • Larger font size that do not require glasses

    And way more to enable our users to use the app even after 2099!

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  • RE: MRA Nav and Android Auto

    Matt, I meant what I said. I’m not telling you to shut up. I said that I’m sad that you’re still unhappy because I was under the impression that we fixed your performance AND refunded you for a bad experience. Moving forward from that impression, you can imagine my surprise at hearing about an “extremely unsatisfied customer” on the forums that “absolutely required an elaborate reaction” by me, only to find out it’s you 😉. Sorry if that wasn’t clear to begin with.

    Out of thousands of satisfied users using MRA Navigation there is a small percentage that’s experiencing issues. The vast overwhelming majority is able to use MRA Navigation exactly as marketed: as a replacement and/or back-up Navigation app. Look around, there are plenty of people who are essentially saying “I’m having a good experience with MRA Navigation”. Of course that’s less than the amount of voices on a forum going “This is crap”, because that’s what people on forums tend to do. The difference between us and other companies is that we don’t sterilize our communication channels from dissenting voices. For some this makes us look bad, because we don’t remove criticism or force it to go elsewhere where it’s less likely to be seen.

    Now I want, and I know you want this too, to have a good conversation about this subject with the people that are least happy in our community. I don’t have a magic wand, but based on your previous dealings with us I hope you at least have the confidence that I take what’s being said seriously and do what I can to give a clearer view of the future of MRA Navigation. To tip that off: in the coming weeks we’ll publish a clear roadmap for MRA Navigation in the same way we have for MRA Routeplanner. Our support team is also going to use your examples to review their answers and the way issues are presented to the management.

    MRA is a company nowhere near in size to TomTom, OSM or even Sygic. The fact that we’re being compared with those companies is a compliment in itself, since it’s what we aspire to, but again, we’re nowhere near their capacity at this time.

    For those unsatisfied with MRA Navigation or having unresolvable issues at this time our policy remains equitable and clear: we will refund you and hope to welcome you back at a later time.

    Anyone with remaining questions or remarks can send them to me or the support team directly. (I usually answer in a few days). For now, the discussion has devolved far from the original topic so I'm locking this thread.

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  • RE: MRA Nav and Android Auto

    @matt-flaming I would like to receive your ticket number (You can also send this in another ticket with the name 'Rosalie' added). I will then see if I can get you up to date. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  • RE: MRA Nav and Android Auto

    @pad-0 I would like to receive your ticket number (You can also send this in another ticket with the name 'Rosalie' added). I will then see if I can get you up to date. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  • RE: MRA Nav and Android Auto

    Thank you all for your concern and input!

    I would like to draw attention to what Timo had said about Android Auto: “MRA Navigation doesn't currently work with Android Auto, that is because we had a lot of difficulty getting access to the development environment. Secondly, after this years' improvements to stability and bugs we're currently reevaluating the way forward for our Navigation app in all possible aspects. That means branding, User Interface, connectivity to the core MRA Routeplanner service and the positioning of the not-to-be-forgotten MRA Mobile app.” *

    In addition, I noticed in several messages that there is a lot of uncertainty about the tickets;
    We try to respond to a ticket within 48 hours. For some problems/questions we need additional information and ask the user. It is also possible that the user encounters a bug, we will communicate this back and pass this on to the programmers ("Secondly, after … all possible aspects" *). Ofcourse we want to help the user as quickly as possible, but some things take longer than others.
    In addition, “pending your reply” means that a message has already been sent to you and that we are waiting for your reply.
    Lastly, it can happen that a ticket is closed, this is done automatically by the system when the user has not responded to a ticket for too long.

    I hope this has brought some clarity, and for the people who have not yet received a response to their ticket I would like to receive the ticket number (You can also send this in another ticket with the name 'Rosalie' added). I will then see if I can get you up to date. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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