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  • LAUNCH: Roundtour Generator 2.0 and Routelab 2.0

    Attention community,

    We’re happy to announce a major feature release as we work towards Roadmap milestone 1.2. For those unfamiliar with that term: the Roadmap outlines all of our development efforts relating to MRA Routeplanner, encompassing 10 clearly defined milestones.

    Today we celebrate the full release of our new Roundtour Generator and a reworked routelab.

    This is a historic moment, because the new Roundtour Generator was designed from the ground up with input from our community. Not only did over sixty-eight thousand people help us in deciding that the Roundtour Generator was to be a priority, over twenty-four thousand people provided input in a questionnaire to aid in designing the roundtour generator. By involving the community we created a democratic and representative basis for decisionmaking. In that same spirit, the core functionality of the new Roundtour Generator is also available for all MRA Routeplanner Basic members.

    Some features of the Roundtour Generator will follow at a later date, though before the finalization of 1.5. These include route themes (plan a roundtour around a coastline or through a valley of castles) and further avoidance filters. The reason for this is that these features require more design and development and tie into our ambitions for revisiting the general routeplanning area as well.

    In addition to the new Roundtour Generator we’re launching the re-envisioned Routelab. A no-nonsense starting point where the goal is to get you back to your favorite parts of MRA Routeplanner designed to be both recognizable for existing members whilst ensuing a modern, premium look-and-feel.
    Special thanks go out to the RouteXperts and MRA Ambassadors, who have provided insight and input in fine-tuning this polished release.
    As always with new software, there might be a nasty little bug or two that escaped our squashing efforts. Please let us know if you encounter anything that shouldn’t happen.

    May great adventures lie ahead of you,

    Your Community Manager,


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  • Get the UK's top route collections for free

    Almost two years deep into covid-life, we're all pretty tired of what will go down in history as "The Great Lockdown". That said, brighter skies have started to colour our horizon. With countries easing their most draconic measures, vaccines being safely rolled out to large swathes of the population and the summer riding season around the corner, there is reason for hope.

    All eyes are on Great Britain. It's the first European country to effectively navigate out of the lockdown. To celebrate UK's #1 RouteXpert, Nicholas Carthew, has composed a set of amazing route collections. You can grab them here:

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  • RE: The Tiger hunting its prey.

    Wow, close encounter! Glad you didn't get a facefull of bird!

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  • RE: PRESS RELEASE: MyRoute-app finally gains access to Apple Carplay

    Last week we've rolled out a final update to the base working of MRA Navigation, the app development team is now in sprint to develop the Apple Carplay feature. No promises, but I expect to be able to make an announcement about this somewhere in May!

    I'm sorry that I didn't see your message because it would allow me to clear these things up! The published RoadMap is focussed only on the MRA Routeplanner suite, this includes the Web version and Mobile companion. It doesn't include other services such as MRA Navigation, Video or auxilliary development processes. The core development team has been at work on 1.2. 100% of the time since releasing 1.1.

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  • RE: Exporting route to CarPlay?


    We're hard at work on this. As @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master said there was a lot of work to be done on improving the stability of the iOS app. We're now slowly ushering out improved versions to the community, each time in small increments to make sure that if something goes wrong we can immediately revert to an older version. So far it's going very well.

    Paralel to this the development and design team has made a preliminary built with a Proof of Ability video. Please note that this is a very conceptual build of the carplay app that isn't available yet.

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  • RE: threads are locked? why?

    @Drabslab Such suggestions of censorship are outrageous and I will now lock the topic 😜 .

    I'm joking of course. There's no direct way to do this right now, but I'll discuss it with Hans and Nick. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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  • RE: The Great Suggestion List

    Dear Arec,

    First of all: welcome to the forum! Thank you for letting me know you appreciate those posts, it's really nice to get positive feedback in addition to the widely available constructive feedback.

    Kind regards,


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  • RE: threads are locked? why?

    @Drabslab and @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master, a gentle reminder to continue your discussions in English on the non-dutch sections of the forum 😸 .

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