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  • RE: threads are locked? why?

    @Drabslab Such suggestions of censorship are outrageous and I will now lock the topic 😜 .

    I'm joking of course. There's no direct way to do this right now, but I'll discuss it with Hans and Nick. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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  • RE: The Great Suggestion List

    Dear Arec,

    First of all: welcome to the forum! Thank you for letting me know you appreciate those posts, it's really nice to get positive feedback in addition to the widely available constructive feedback.

    Kind regards,


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  • RE: threads are locked? why?

    @Drabslab and @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master, a gentle reminder to continue your discussions in English on the non-dutch sections of the forum 😸 .

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  • RE: General Frustration with MRA

    Hi Greenham, you're clearly upset. That said I also find it rather hard to follow your entire train of thought throughout your argument, but I'll try to distill some of your comments, complaints and thoughts in a respectable and coherent response. If you decide to answer, I expect the same in return.

    Your main point seems to be that MRA Navigation hasn't received enough attention. While that might have been true for a long time, that's no longer the case. Yes, the iOS version of the app suffers from occasional stutters but over the past few weeks we've deployed a major overhaul for the app that significantly improves stability and performance. The entire core of the app that handles Navigation was rewritten. In addition, shaping points, via points and POI's are being implemented as we speak. If you don't believe me: there's a closed beta testing group that's currently testing this version. If you want I could sign you up for it, but note that this will override your main MRA Navigation (stable) version. That's also the reason why our testing group isn't public.

    As for MRA Video, we've said it several times and rehearsed it here as well: especially because people have massively turned out to tell us MRA Navigation and MRA Routeplanner should be our focus, we've shifted the main focus there. We remain committed to further expanding on the social features of MRA Video in the future though. MRA Routeplanner and MRA Navigation are our focus; I believe that this aligns with what you expect us to do.

    Regarding your comment on shaping and via points not being available: perhaps you've not found them yet. You can now turn waypoints into either a shaping or via point that's compatible both with Garmin. As I said, an update for MRA Navigation is in the works.

    Finally a very big accusation is that we're making one million dollars a year for every 100 users. That would be true if they were all members with an annual subscription. I'd like to point out that such accusations are very damaging for our reputation and would only be fair if they'd be based on facts. Note that this is not the case. Over 95% of MRA Routeplanner users is using the free of charge basic membership. In addition: a large portion of the GOLD members are lifetime members like yourself: this means a one-time payment. In addition, the growth we're so happy with is usually seasonal: that's the period where people start riding their bikes or cars. We share this with the community because we find it relevant to let you know that there is growth in the community.

    Overall I'd invite you to share your thoughts with me on what could be communicated better and perhaps some thoughts of your own, as to what you thing is missing right now. We've got an entire Roadmap planned out full of features that were literally voted on by the community.

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  • RE: threads are locked? why?

    Hi Drab,

    Can you give some examples? Usually threads are locked when they're irrelevant, dead or illegal.

    Those with administrative permissions are myself, and from the community they are Hans van de Ven and Nick Carthew.

    The main goal is to keep threads from derailing, being necro'd or to keep the forum clean.

    kind regards,


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  • RE: New user

    Hi Freddie, welcome to the Forum!

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  • Awards Assigned, February 2021

    Attention Community,

    In this thread I'd like to take a moment and thank all of the contributors on this forum. While my own activity has been waning over the last few weeks, I've seen an uptick of constructive discussions. This is an achievement we should all be proud of. So today I'm now coming to you with a new feature. Repeating earlier thoughts I'd like to remark again that the self support section continues to be an outstanding example of community self service. Not only do people help eachother, members are actively on the lookout for questions and to help others as swiftly as possible.

    I've also particularly enjoyed the submissions from fellow motorists in the Rides subsection. A gentle reminder for everyone that if you have images to show off of your vehicle, the Rides section is the place to be. In addition I'll continue to dish out the "Wheel of Riding" award for every contributor at this stage.

    Wishing you all continued health, prosperity and a swift ending to COVID restrictions.

    Recipient list

    A rising star in our community who has accumulated over a 100 posts in the past few weeks. We highlight Stefan because he highlights the positive, constructive and sometimes critical spirit of the MRA Community Forum. Stefan is active mostly in the Self Service area, to either aid other users or to pitch in on ongoing discussions. While hearing what could be better about MRA is never the favored activity of the staff, reading the respectful and constructive comments of people like Stefan is a nice change and inspires us all to work harder.

    Reinhard can be found mostly aiding the German speaking community with answers in the Self Service area. Many German members have found their questions or ideas commented on by Reinhard. While saying that he's solely a member of the German speaking community would be selling him short. Reinhard can be found anywhere on the forum, actively taking part in lively discussions.

    Drabslab is one of the earliest members of our forum and has retained a steady stream of positive contributions. While he's one of the first to sign up on the forum, Drab has been posting under the default avatar for months. It's great to see that there's now a unique profile picture for such an outstanding member of our community. What I find particularly great about Drabslab's contributions on the forum is that he's always quick to respond, shares his thoughts and treats all members of the community fairly.

    Having become not only one of the two Seniors in the RouteXpert team, Nick continues to be an active member of the community. Regularly signalling questions of import to the MRA team and aiding members of the community with his unlimited pools of wisdom in articulate comments with flawless grammar. It comes as no surprise that Nick still holds the position as the member with the most reputation points (myself not included, as that'd be cheating).

    The last but not least member of our community. Hans is one of the two Seniors in the RouteXpert team and a well known name in the Dutch community. Hans is widely known for his activities on and off the forum and his unbridled enthusiasm for planning amazing routes. Hans takes his time to help everyone, boasting the largest post count on the forum.

    A new name that we see popping up in the Self Service section helping others in the Dutch and English Self Service Areas. Thank you Jack!

    Posted a great topic in the Rides section about his nice convertible BMW. As an avid BMW fan myself, I liked this one particularly. In addition this brought a nice discussion about the perks of driving a convertible to the Forum.

    Posted a topic about his beautiful little Miata on the forum. Great car and beautiful shots!

    An active and enthusiastic member of the community who posted some great pictures of his dreamy Porsche to the RIdes section.

    Overview of Award assignment

    Heroic Support Pin
    When one becomes a Hero of the self service section he or she becomes a beacon of shared wisdom and a figure of authority among peers.

    • Hans van de Ven
    • Reinhard

    Support Pin
    awarded to members who actively contribute to the self service section, selflessly seeking to help members of the community encountering problems or important questions.

    • Jack van Tilburg
    • Stefan Hummelink

    Excellent Contributor Award
    Awarded for not only positively contributing and participating, but for doing so in an outstanding and exemplary manner.

    • Reinhard 32
    • Drabslab

    Contributor award
    The Contributor Award is granted to those who contribute positively and participate in the MRA Community Forum.

    • Jack van Tilburg
    • Stefan Hummelink

    Wheel of Riding
    The Wheel of Riding is awarded to members who help, guide and respond to activity in the "Rides" forum. Both by posting their own ride as well as discussing the rides of others.

    • Hans van de Ven
    • Cabrio Fans
    • Brian Liechty
    • Pascal Smans
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