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  • RE: LAUNCH: new subscription model

    @Con-Hennekens You can subscribe for just a few months!

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  • LAUNCH: new subscription model

    Attention community,

    New MRA Routeplanner Gold subscriptions can now be paid monthly. This also applies to MRA Navigation subscriptions. Do you already have a subscription? Then you will continue to have access to the end date of your subscription (can be found under your account).

    Monthly MRA Route Planner Gold subscription: € 5.95
    Monthly MRA Navigation subscription: € 2.95

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  • RE: Looking for Carplay BETA volunteers

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you for your applications. I'm locking this thread now. You will all receive your invitation shortly!

    kind regards,


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  • RE: Looking for Carplay BETA volunteers

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for applying. You will receive an email and invitation shortly!

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  • RE: LAUNCH: Major Navigation revamp

    @Kudee Thank you for the positive feedback. We're crunching down on getting our RoadMap item 1.2. launched on the 5th of july, which sadly means resolving a lot of longstanding subscription and payment managment issues. From that point forward we'll be blasting forward with great new features that will be announced shortly. We'll revise the Roadmap a bit to make sure more useful features for the community will be released in a shorter timespan.

    @Steve-Lynch thanks for recognizing that.

    @Con-Hennekens while new nasty bugs can never be avoided, if they pop up they are now more manageble than before because of our new development process. There's a BETA testing panel that has access to newer, possibly more unstable, versions as well as almost daily updates.

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  • A change of role for Timo

    Dear members of the MRA Community,

    For those of you who have been around for some time, you'll know me as the Community Manager. Our original members might even remember that in 2013 I started at this company in the role of UI/UX designer/creative lead.

    Since late 2020 I've been in talks with our management regarding my future in the MyRoute-app team. I strongly believe that transparency, openness and a constructive attitude towards all problems that a small company might deal with are keys to success. Over the past two years I've grown to become a driver for the further organizational maturity of our company (on which I even wrote a blog back in 2019), day-to-day coordination of activities and point of contact for our wide variety of partners.

    These are among the reasons that it was time for a formal change of role, as my responsibilities and mandate have grown far beyond the limitative definition of community management. That's why since the first of june 2021 I have been apointed as the first Chief Operating Officer (COO) of MyRouteApp B.V.. With this new formal mandate I will continue our quest for company growth, team fullfillment and community satisfaction. As our team is still relatively small, I'll retain some of the responsibilities I had as the community manager for the time being while we reevaluate how we want to fulfull this role in the future. Other responsibilities have been documented and transferred. As such, I will remain active on the forum, to engage with each and every user for as long as possible as I strongly believe this place to be the true driver of success for MyRoute-app.

    Hoping to provide you with ever improving services for many years to come,

    Kind regards,

    Timo Martosatiman
    Chief Operating Officer

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  • RE: Android Auto

    @Matt-Flaming I understand that, the reason I'm conservative with planned features is because I don't want to create the wrong expectations regarding the MRA Navigation timeline or an Android Auto timeline.

    I do think there might be a small misunderstanding here: all of the features (except of course Apple Carplay) are for both platforms. We also don't atlternate resources between development and "bug hunting". Instead they're paralel processes. Each week, at least 12 hours are dedicated to "accute" problems and bug squashing, like the issues you're experiencing in Android. Because, again, we'd rather have those criticisms here on the Community Forum where we can see them and do something about it, rather than in some hidden corner of the internet. To illustrate: your points helped us actively track down several issues, and raised awareness that while our app might be 96% crash free, that doesn't mean it's going to be useable for everyone. A navigation app stuck in demo mode is useless. There's no denying that. The recalculating route and demo-mode bug are now a top priority for the app development team.

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  • RE: Android Auto

    Android is an operating system designed to run on a lot of devices. There's a reason why developers prefer iOS, and i'ts because the development pipeline is far more streamlined than for Android. To illustrate: Android completely overhauled the way GPS signals are handled by the device in a relatively recent update (I believe Android 10), which can cause app breakage. In addition to this Android gives smartphone manufacturers freedoms in handling how GPS is used per device. Of course, if you have a company that's Android-only and caters to that group alone, they're going to have an advantage over a company developing on both platforms. That still doesn't make it as good as a platform as iOS for development purposes though.

    You can't find any transparency about Android Auto because there were no talks. We reached out several times. We ended up talking to two parties. Apple and the European Anti Trust agency to file a complaint against Google for anti-competitive behavior. After that we put it to rest and moved on.

    As for outsourcing our app development, we do. We're very happy about that too, because we used to have in-house app development capacity and know the strains and problems from that affair. Funds aren't allocated to "one project at a time" but projects are procured against a Fixed Price invoice. We could simply open up the existing project planning and request that the app developers just drop everything they do and start working on Android Auto (in fact, during a meeting today I mentioned that Android Auto is something we'd be interested to explore after the current batch of projects is completed). However, as you might understand, I can't do that with good conscience.

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