• RE: (SOLVED) Attention: Regarding current TomTom MyDrive issues

    @Hans-Schipper Does the problem persist?

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  • RE: Your Community Manager, Timo Martosatiman

    @Nick-Carthew-RouteXpert Thanks Nick, I do what I can 😁

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  • Your Community Manager, Timo Martosatiman

    Hello all,

    I guess it'd be nice to introduce myself here since everybody is doing it. I've been working @ MRA since 2014, back then in the capacity of the Lead Designer. I designed the recognizable Blues-on-white color scheme of MRA, and made pretty much all the graphical elements on the apps and website. Whether it was a small symbol or a trailer-length video, I tried to live up to it.

    Since June 2019 I've switched to a fulltime (36h/w) role here at MRA and taken up the role of Community Manager with an integrated Design task package. This means I'm not just trying to put my creativity in visuals anymore but I'm also actively trying to create nice-to-read pieces and counterbalance most commercial activities with community-oriented activities. Aside from that I'm the go-to guy for anything related to Ambassadorship, RouteXperts, Instructors and Partners. I try to learn as many names in this community as possible (sometimes cheating by keeping excel tabs) because I strongly believe that a personal connection is better than a generic process for managing the community, even if the process might be less time consuming.

    Describing your own personality is always hard, but I like to believe that I'm good humoured, reliable, honest and protective of the dignity of my coworkers, friends and loved ones. I'm prone to bouts of chaos, maybe because I enjoy creating order out of chaos. My (by others who get to know me oftenly remarked as) stiff and businesslike appearance contrasts with approachable character. If you'd ask me what my go-to brand is, I'd wait a few moments to make it seem like I'm carefully considering several options whil I could've told you within a milisecond that that brand is by far BMW.

    motorcycle helmet.jpg

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  • RE: New Member - Technical Query

    Hi Martyn, and welcome to the Forum!

    AS Reinhard pointed out:it's under your Account Settings.

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  • RE: Feature suggestion - Remove invitations from the past

    Hi @MTC-TET-Club , why won't you simply decline those old invitations?

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  • RE: Feature suggestion - Private blog for groups

    Hi, Thank you for this suggestion. Can you clarify specifically what should be invisible? Even the top-level data such as a group description and image?

    As for membership visibility: an outsider will only see this,

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  • RE: Spooky stories from the MRA HQ

    @Nick-Carthew-RouteXpert that's amazing 😆 . The Drang does look creepy and I can already see why there'd be lots of sightings here. From this perspective you can already see how the play of light and shadows might stimulate an anxious mind. (Take for example the man-like shadow on the top chimney).

    Thanks for sharing!

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  • Spooky stories from the MRA HQ

    Community Blog Halloween.png
    At Halloween the realm of the living and the realm of the dead are supposedly closest to eachother, in other words: the echoes of spirits might be more active during this time. Now personally I hold no such beliefs but still… the planes of existence have shifted. Rather than having a spiritual basis, it’s most likely the fact that it no longer feels like we’re in that mundane part of the year where time seems unending and daily life runs on repeat. No, we’re now in that magical party-part of the year. It’s time to celebrate, whether it’s because of carved pumpkins and spirits, or because of trees with glittering decorations or because of champagne and fireworks. Really, in this part of the year anything goes.
    In a somewhat different blogpost this time I’m sharing some notable spooky experiences I’ve had while occupying this office sometime since 2014. Feel free to share your own!

    Locked out
    I’m not sure if it’s an IT thing or just something of our company, regardless, we often worked until the night. The office back then was almost entirely vacant. To illustrate: we shared the entire floor with only one or two other one-man companies that were almost never in. It’s safe to say that after 18:00 there wasn’t a single soul left in the building. At 18:30 I locked the door, went out to smoke a cigarette and when I came back the key got stuck in the door. My car keys were inside and my phone was on the verge of dying. In an era where you’re continually engaged by phone pings and the internet it’s rather unsettling to send out a one-way SOS and wait for rescue in an abandoned old office building while the night falls.

    Spooky sightings
    A different time I heard some odd noises coming from the central stairwell when it was around 10 or 11 pm. I went to listen and didn’t hear anything, so I went back to continue to work. I got a few more hours in but couldn’t really focus because after checking I occasionally heard those noises again, people walking by and in general was feeling pretty unsettled. Eventually I packed my stuff and went for the elevator. Again some odd noises. As I got out of the elevator I was blinded by a bright light and loud banging noises. Scared the life out of me. The source was a duo of officers shining a flashlight inside and rapping their knuckles loudly on the glass. They agitatedly shouted things at me like “what are you doing here” and “come here”. As the main exit was closed I told them to go to the side exit, they refused and told me to open the main door (I can’t) eventually managed to convince them to go to the side exit because I’d be heading there as it really was the only exit. Apparently they’d gotten a call from someone that strange things were going on inside the building and stuff was seen being thrown around.

    Our turn to creep people out
    Now I haven’t always been the victim of creepy stuff. Sometimes I’ve unintentionally been the perpetrator as well. This one happened sometime in 2017 when development of the Navigation app was still in it’s early days. To test new builds, Daniël and I would occasionally hop in my car and attempt a ride. Now especially early on the build would fail as soon as we exited the parking lot, forcing us to turn around an try an on-the fly fix. Again, this stuff tended to happen late at night. At some time while we were processing a new build we saw the night-watchman enter the lot. Since it’d been some time and we knew him pretty well anyway, we took it as a good moment for a break and make some small talk. He had actually come in because of a call and asked if we’d seen anything suspicious. Trying to help we asked what exactly we should have seen. As it turned out, apparently there were some foreign looking guys doing suspicious things on a laptop in a car outside the office, maybe hacking or scouting the building for all the wrong purposes. As you can imagine we had a good laugh after that.

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  • RE: preventing waypoint changes in error

    @Nick-Carthew-RouteXpert @Eva-5 as of today, we officially announced that we're working on this 😊

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