• RE: CAST YOUR VOTE: MRA final RoadMap vote

    @Drabslab I get that, really do. Before becoming the community manager at MRA I was a government IT-procurement specialist. In that role I danced the vendor-lock-in avoidance dance with de-facto monopolists in all its' paradoxical glory. Essence being that at any time you'd have to be ready to spit on sacred ground, topple the shrines holding premium systems and in doing so bring down an entire digital ecosystem with tentacles reaching system you're hardly aware of. That's the practical aspect. Let's not forget the zealous resistance you face from your own service, application and specialized-systems colleagues who'll start sprouting litanies of doom the moment you start mentioning the possibility of having to switch systems. I can go on about this for hours, but the essence is I really do understand.

    From that experience I also draw my current line of community leadership. I'll be transperant and will always involve the community. Ocassionally, I'll explain a painful decision if that is neccecary and I think that is a trend I can validly prove here. Right now downloading the complete library is not something we'll add as a public feature for everyone to use simply because it moves us away from both our own vision and the one the community is currently outlining.

    A healthy economy goes immediately down the drain when people start hoarding cash from the bank, a steady supply of goods will spiral into stimulating hoarding once people start overbuying toilet paper and a healthy server will go belly up if people start massing traffic. Right now there is no possibility to panic hoard at MRA because of this and we're very happy with that. The company is healthy and we're not in danger. Lots of people are at home spending more time on their computer than ever. Once the pandemic has been defeated, which is a matter of a few months at most, we'll see people desperate for freedom return on their travels again.

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  • RE: CAST YOUR VOTE: MRA final RoadMap vote

    @Drabslab Hi Drab, absolutely, for example if we'd move forward with multi-exporting (original feature #13, ranked 5th) we'd definitely try to scoop in sending multiple routes to MyDrive if the licences allow it (original feature #14, ranked 11th)

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  • CAST YOUR VOTE: MRA final RoadMap vote

    Attention community,

    The time has come to cast your final vote and help us prioritize the MRA RoadMap. We have prepared a definitive list of suggestions for the upcoming time. You can now vote for these suggestions. You can vote for one of the ten features. When all votes have been counted, we will eventually publish a final RoadMap. Interested in the results of the preliminary vote? You can check that out in the thread called "Results: MRA RoadMap vote 1" under announcements.

    Cast your vote here:
    Voting will end on the 31st of March, 2020.

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  • RESULTS: MRA Roadmap vote 1

    Attention community,

    The vote results are in, and they provide a nice general feel into the wishes and whims of the community. After discussing the results of the vote with the team it was good to see that the ideas that we had were well reflected within the voice of the community. At the same time we were positively surprised to see things that were pitched by the community rise higher than expected. Please take a look at the vote results below.

    Now to move on, we have created a final vote to observe the popularity of the top ten selected features by the community. With this information, we will finally compose a final RoadMap that will be published as soon as possible. Please note that while we highly value to vote, its results are interpreted and prioritized by us on a discretionary basis. Whilst this might sound disclaimery, please let me take away those fears. All that I am saying is that while we will absolutely respect the results of a vote, we will prioritize community wishes based on more than just the vote, such as technical complexity, seasonal changes and our own ideas and existing plans. As always, you can depend on me to explain where we're moving and how we're doing that here on the forum.

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  • Testride of the new BMW 2 Gran Coupé

    A few weeks ago I received an invite from BMW to come and test their new BMW 2 series Gran Coupé. I've had the pleasure of driving a 2 series Convertible during the hottest week of last year. That same year I also had the displeasure of driving BMW's 2 series Active Tourer for a few days, a car that I personally have no love for. As such, I was intrigued by this new concept: a gran coupé for the smallest segment at BMW? I really couldn't let that chance pass. Attached here you'll find my review of the car along with some pictures.

    The first impression of this new BMW is that it looks contemporary and, luckily, very much like a BMW should. In my opinion, the entire "vertical grille so big you can host a family barbeque on it" design move that BMW has been pursuing now for the past year or two is a bad one. Sure, it can be sold as a throwback to the classic car grille from the 30's and 40's, but honestly it just seems a move that makes the car stand out more so that customers won't be saying "why should I get the new one if it looks only a little bit different from the one I have now?". Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

    The 2 series Gran Coupé not only looks good, it handles amazing as well. While driving, it's mounted firmly on the road with sharp steering and a satisfying level of acceleration even with the small 218i engine. The version I drove also had a HUD hologram and fully digital dashboard. I wasn't much of a fan of previous iterations of BMW's digital dashboard, as it took very little advantage of the screen and the freedom of pixels in opposition to clockwork electronics. As I take turns and drive for a while, the HUD is always helpful and provides a smooth stream of information. Always noticeble, never annoying or distracting.

    Additionally, this vehicle feels like a car should feel. It handles powerfully and driving is an experience that can always be taken beyond a simple commute with the push of a pedal and a flick of the gear handle. As most BMW's are automatic these days, it's a nice feature that you can push the gear handle to the left and immediately switch to a sports-manual mode. Handling tightens and the car is ready to launch off on the highway. Add on top of that that this is pretty much just a slightly smaller version of the 3 series that gets you more punch for your buck.

    e24747fc-03a7-406e-8686-9d8766b326a0.jpg 232b0d81-3df9-46b1-b0f2-22b80a260225.jpg 3dc01383-c8ec-4003-9711-8517311736ff.jpg aa9160c7-40f2-482a-812c-c3860973b0be.jpg 894f58d3-6403-481b-8d3e-56b7d966e56d.jpg 24cbe48b-a4ec-4d4f-a3d0-79d012f269ed.jpg b86e7214-3257-48fa-8924-7294528e35cd.jpg

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  • RE: Wel of niet motorrijden tijdens de corona crisis...

    Goed geschreven Michel! Ik heb je bericht even naar het Engels vertaald zodat de Engelstalige community ook mee kan lezen.

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  • Café rules

    EN: Welcome to the MRA Café. Specific rules apply here, please read below.
    NL: Welkom bij het MRA Café. Hier gelden specifieke regels, lees hieronder.
    DE: Willkommen im MRA Café. Hier gelten spezielle Regeln, bitte lesen Sie unten.
    FR: Bienvenue au MRA Café. Des règles spécifiques s'appliquent ici, veuillez lire ci-dessous.
    ES: Bienvenido al MRA Café. Aquí se aplican reglas específicas, lea a continuación.
    IT: Benvenuti al MRA Café. Qui si applicano regole specifiche, leggi di seguito.

    Welcome to the MRA Café, here you can leave messages to share with us how it goes and what you are doing. Maybe you just want to tell us what you are doing or share your thoughts on something. Because we want to avoid discussions that are not productive or aimed at attacking people, we would like to point out the following additional rules:

    • In this forum all languages can be used interchangeably;
    • You may think of something, but never offend another user;
    • Inappropriate content is removed

    Welkom in het MRA Café, hier kan je berichten achterlaten om met ons te delen hoe het gaat en waar je je mee bezig houd. Misschien dat je gewoon wil vertellen waar je mee bezig bent, of wil je je gedachten delen over iets. Omdat we willen voorkomen dat er hier discussies ontstaan die niet productief zijn of erop gericht zijn om personen aan te vallen willen we je op de volgende aanvullende regels wijzen:

    • In dit forum mogen alle talen door elkaar gebruikt worden;
    • Je mag ergens iets van vinden, maar beledig nooit een andere gebruiker;
    • Ongepaste inhoud wordt verwijderd

    Willkommen im MRA Café. Hier können Sie Nachrichten hinterlassen, um uns mitzuteilen, wie es geht und was Sie tun. Vielleicht möchten Sie uns nur sagen, was Sie tun, oder Ihre Gedanken zu etwas teilen. Da wir Diskussionen vermeiden möchten, die nicht produktiv sind oder darauf abzielen, Menschen anzugreifen, möchten wir auf die folgenden zusätzlichen Regeln hinweisen:

    • In diesem Forum können alle Sprachen austauschbar verwendet werden.
    • Sie können an etwas denken, aber niemals einen anderen Benutzer beleidigen;
    • Unangemessener Inhalt wird entfernt

    Bienvenue au MRA Café, ici vous pouvez laisser des messages pour partager avec nous comment ça se passe et ce que vous faites. Peut-être voulez-vous simplement dire ce que vous faites ou partager vos réflexions sur quelque chose. Parce que nous voulons éviter les discussions qui ne sont pas productives ou qui visent à attaquer les gens, nous tenons à souligner les règles supplémentaires suivantes:

    • Dans ce forum, toutes les langues peuvent être utilisées de manière interchangeable;
    • Vous pouvez penser à quelque chose, mais ne jamais offenser un autre utilisateur;
    • Le contenu inapproprié est supprimé

    Benvenuti al MRA Café, qui puoi lasciare messaggi per condividere con noi come va e cosa stai facendo. Forse vuoi solo dirci cosa stai facendo o condividere i tuoi pensieri su qualcosa. Poiché vogliamo evitare discussioni non produttive o volte ad attaccare le persone, vorremmo sottolineare le seguenti regole aggiuntive:

    • In questo forum è possibile utilizzare in modo intercambiabile tutte le lingue;
    • Potresti pensare a qualcosa, ma non offendere mai un altro utente;
    • Il contenuto inappropriato viene rimosso

    Bienvenido al MRA Café, aquí puede dejar mensajes para compartir con nosotros cómo va y qué está haciendo. Tal vez solo quiera decirnos lo que está haciendo o compartir sus pensamientos sobre algo. Debido a que queremos evitar discusiones que no son productivas o que apuntan a atacar a las personas, nos gustaría señalar las siguientes reglas adicionales:

    • En este foro todos los idiomas se pueden usar indistintamente;
    • Puede pensar en algo, pero nunca ofender a otro usuario;
    • Se elimina el contenido inapropiado
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  • Opening MRA Café

    This post is in Dutch and English.
    NL: voor de Nederlandse versie, scroll naar beneden.

    English announcement
    Dear community,

    We are all concerned. We are concerned about our own health and that of our loved ones. We are concerned that we won’t recognize the world in a few months. We are concerned, because even today we hardly recognize the world anymore. Is there really light at the end of the tunnel? The coronavirus worries us all.

    We at MyRoute app cannot take those concerns away, but we can share with you how our life goes on. We can safely visit each other digitally and show that we as ordinary people also have the perseverance that drove our ancestors to greatness throughout history.

    Let us honor that memory of our ancestors who had no prospect of vaccines, care, or health, by keeping hope. Right now it is essential that we remember that life goes on, that today's world has been built up over the past few thousand years, accumulating unprecedented knowledge and resources within our modern-day civilization.

    To reinforce these words of hope, we have decided to open a new section of the forum: the MRA Café. Here we share the daily routine together. Here we tell each other about what life looks like now and here we share our experiences. The MyRoute-app team will contribute to this, but we invite everyone to share: how has your life changed and what are you doing now?

    Visit the MRA Café

    Nederlandstalige aankondiging
    Beste community,

    We maken ons allemaal zorgen. We maken ons zorgen om gezondheid: die van ons en die van onze geliefden. We maken ons zorgen over hoe de wereld er over een paar maanden uitziet. We maken ons zorgen omdat we de wereld nu al niet meer herkennen. Is er werkelijk licht aan het einde van de tunnel? Het coronavirus baart ons allen zorgen.

    Wij van MyRoute-app kunnen die zorgen niet afnemen, maar we kunnen wel met je delen hoe ons leven doorgaat. We kunnen elkaar digitaal en veilig opzoeken en laten zien dat ook wij als gewone mensen over het doorzettingsvermogen beschikken wat onze voorouders door de geschiedenis heen tot grootsheid dreef.

    Laten we die herinnering aan onze voorouders, die geen uitzicht op vaccins, zorg of gezondheid hadden eren door hoop te houden. Juist nu is het essentieel dat we niet vergeten dat het leven gewoon door gaat, dat de wereld van vandaag over ongekende kennis en middelen beschikt, dat de afgelopen duizenden jaren hebben opgebouwd naar onze beschaving.

    Om deze bezielende woorden kracht bij te zetten openen we een nieuw gedeelte van het forum: het MRA Café. Hier delen we samen de dagelijkse gang van zaken. Hier vertellen we elkaar over hoe het leven er nu uit ziet en delen we onze ervaringen. Het MyRoute-app team zal hier aan bijdragen, maar we nodigen iedereen van harte uit om mee te vertellen: hoe is jouw leven veranderd en wat houd je nu bezig?

    Bezoek het MRA Café

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  • RE: (May 7th) You ask, we run part 1 (8:15 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. UK time)

    @Drabslab Thank you for the suggestion!

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  • RE: (April 4th) Renewed introduction to MyRoute app (8:15 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. UK time)

    First upcoming webinar!

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