Feature Suggestion - expand POI features

  • In MRA, I love possibility to upload own file (gpx) of POI.
    But you are not using full functionality of common agreed functions of POI. Please can you develop to use full set of possibilities of POI.

    • Unfortunately, there is only one fix Icon for all POI, given by MRA.
    • Unfortunately, there is only a Name possible for a POI - nothing more, no description, no address, no URL

    In common rules for POI, there are a lot more of data fields allowed:

    • Position
    • Name
    • Description
    • Address
    • Phone
    • URL
    • Icon
    • ...

    I would like to keep my Information about POI like Hotels and others in MRA as well as in Navi device. But solution by Waypoint is not sufficient because restriction of amount of WP in Navi device. Amount of POI is not restricted because of different data Format.

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