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People who have been certified as expert routemakers by MRA, creating routes for every device on every continent.

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    Hallo Han,

    Welkom bij de club. Leuk om te lezen dat je veel motorritten organiseert en begeleid. Als je vragen hebt over het programma, schroom niet, we helpen je graag.

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  • MyRoute-App Master

    28 maart 2020, de wereld zit midden in de Corona crisis. 😖 Motorrijden begint voor vele rond deze tijd, maar is in sommige landen nu zelfs even verboden! Is er dan niks leuks te melden??


    Vanaf vandaag mag ik me de 1e MyRoute-App Master van de wereld noemen.✔ Dat is toch wel iets om trots op te zijn!

    Begonnen in november 2018 als RouteXpert en sindsdien bijna wekelijks 1 of meerdere reviews per week gemaakt. Waar het RouteXpert programma in 2018 werd opgezet om de MyRoute-App bibliotheek te vullen met mooie routes, en is uitgegroeid tot de beste, mooiste en compleetste routebibliotheek van de wereld!
    Dat is iets waar alle RouteXperts en Mentoren TROTS op ogen zijn!

    Natuurlijk ging het in het begin moeizaam en gaven we elkaar (gewild of ongewild) feedback om zowel de routes als de reviews naar een hoger niveau te tillen, zo werden de regels door de Mentoren aangescherpt en zorgde Timo voor nieuwe handleidingen en werd het forum geboren, waar ook de RouteXperts en Mentoren dagelijks actief zijn.

    Met de komende vernieuwingen in het achterhoofd, kan het alleen maar nog beter en nog mooier worden. 👍

    Natuurlijk mag ik het MyRoute-App Team niet vergeten hier te vermelden, want zonder hun luisterend oor, technische inbreng en de zorg dat achter de schermen alles door blijft draaien, maakt het mede mogelijk dat wij als RouteXperts door kunnen gaan. 👏


    March 28, 2020, the world is in the middle of the Corona crisis. 😖 Motorcycling starts for many around this time, but is now even prohibited in some countries! Is there nothing nice to report ??

    YES! 😜

    From today I can call myself the 1st MyRoute-App Master of the world. ✔ That is something to be proud of!

    Started in November 2018 as RouteXpert and since then made 1 or more reviews per week almost every week. Where the RouteXpert program was set up in 2018 to fill the MyRoute-App library with beautiful routes, it has become the best, most beautiful and most complete route library in the world!
    That is something all RouteXperts and Mentors are PROUD of!

    Of course in the beginning it was difficult and we gave each other (wanted or unwanted) feedback to take both the routes and the reviews to a higher level, so the rules were tightened by the Mentors and Timo provided new manuals and the forum was born , where the RouteXperts and Mentors are also active daily.

    With the upcoming innovations in mind, it can only get better and more beautiful. 👍

    Of course I cannot forget to mention the MyRoute-App Team here, because without their listening ear, technical input and the care that everything continues to run behind the scenes, it also makes it possible for us as RouteXperts to continue. 👏


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  • RE: CAST YOUR VOTE: MRA final RoadMap vote

    @Drabslab I get that, really do. Before becoming the community manager at MRA I was a government IT-procurement specialist. In that role I danced the vendor-lock-in avoidance dance with de-facto monopolists in all its' paradoxical glory. Essence being that at any time you'd have to be ready to spit on sacred ground, topple the shrines holding premium systems and in doing so bring down an entire digital ecosystem with tentacles reaching system you're hardly aware of. That's the practical aspect. Let's not forget the zealous resistance you face from your own service, application and specialized-systems colleagues who'll start sprouting litanies of doom the moment you start mentioning the possibility of having to switch systems. I can go on about this for hours, but the essence is I really do understand.

    From that experience I also draw my current line of community leadership. I'll be transperant and will always involve the community. Ocassionally, I'll explain a painful decision if that is neccecary and I think that is a trend I can validly prove here. Right now downloading the complete library is not something we'll add as a public feature for everyone to use simply because it moves us away from both our own vision and the one the community is currently outlining.

    A healthy economy goes immediately down the drain when people start hoarding cash from the bank, a steady supply of goods will spiral into stimulating hoarding once people start overbuying toilet paper and a healthy server will go belly up if people start massing traffic. Right now there is no possibility to panic hoard at MRA because of this and we're very happy with that. The company is healthy and we're not in danger. Lots of people are at home spending more time on their computer than ever. Once the pandemic has been defeated, which is a matter of a few months at most, we'll see people desperate for freedom return on their travels again.

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  • RE: CAST YOUR VOTE: MRA final RoadMap vote

    @Drabslab Hi Drab, absolutely, for example if we'd move forward with multi-exporting (original feature #13, ranked 5th) we'd definitely try to scoop in sending multiple routes to MyDrive if the licences allow it (original feature #14, ranked 11th)

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  • CAST YOUR VOTE: MRA final RoadMap vote

    Attention community,

    The time has come to cast your final vote and help us prioritize the MRA RoadMap. We have prepared a definitive list of suggestions for the upcoming time. You can now vote for these suggestions. You can vote for one of the ten features. When all votes have been counted, we will eventually publish a final RoadMap. Interested in the results of the preliminary vote? You can check that out in the thread called "Results: MRA RoadMap vote 1" under announcements.

    Cast your vote here:
    Voting will end on the 31st of March, 2020.

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  • RESULTS: MRA Roadmap vote 1

    Attention community,

    The vote results are in, and they provide a nice general feel into the wishes and whims of the community. After discussing the results of the vote with the team it was good to see that the ideas that we had were well reflected within the voice of the community. At the same time we were positively surprised to see things that were pitched by the community rise higher than expected. Please take a look at the vote results below.

    Now to move on, we have created a final vote to observe the popularity of the top ten selected features by the community. With this information, we will finally compose a final RoadMap that will be published as soon as possible. Please note that while we highly value to vote, its results are interpreted and prioritized by us on a discretionary basis. Whilst this might sound disclaimery, please let me take away those fears. All that I am saying is that while we will absolutely respect the results of a vote, we will prioritize community wishes based on more than just the vote, such as technical complexity, seasonal changes and our own ideas and existing plans. As always, you can depend on me to explain where we're moving and how we're doing that here on the forum.

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  • RE: Even babbelen met MyRoute-app, wij maken het mogelijk...


    Mooie oplossing om up-to-date te blijven met je Team en je Team met jou.

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