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    Hi @Crispey. I’ve just sent a request to join your Cafe group if you don’t mind. Thanks 👍🏼

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    You just have to push the on/off button once

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    No, I don't use Tyre, I was a Basecamp user.....😊

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    @Crispey said in Adding POI's to OV2 file:

    HI Can any one help, please
    I opened a new route and added POI's of biker friendly cafes in the UK all over it, over 100, then saved it as an OV2 file. then loaded it to my TomTom where it appears as a file in 'my places'. This worked well and I can make them visible on routes etc. My issue is, If I want to add some more Cafes I open up the ov2 file through MRA by creating a new route then using the POI tab, selecting library, ticking the POI file that I want. The POI's appear on the map, which is fine but there is no list of them. I add the new cafe as a POI by clicking on its location and selecting it as a POI not a waypoint. It then appears in the list area on the left and also on the map. Fine. I notice that if I zoom out on the map all disappear apart from the new ones Ive added. Ok, I zoom back in and they appear. I save the Route , no route just POI's, as an ov2 file and load it onto my TomTom open it up in 'My Places' and it only has the new POI's I added and none of the old ones.
    I have since discovered that to get all the old POIs to appear in the new file you have to click on each one individually and tick the POI box. Really time consuming if you have over 100 of them.
    I used be able to do it in Tyre but now you have to register with an account and it wont let me do that.
    So is there a way of just adding to a POI to an ov2 file thats has a load on already?
    Sorry for the long winded post. Thanks in advance

    Hello Crispey

    What you can do is the following:
    Add the new POIs to your OV2 file, save this file.
    Open MRA, open a route
    Click on POIs (left menu)
    Delete the previously uploaded POIs that you have uploaded with the OV2 file.
    Upload the updated OV2 file.

    Updating an existing POI list in your library is not possible. Replace only.
    Tip: Add a date: OV2_20200115

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    @ErikB In my library

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