Take a look at our old Web 2.0 designs (concept art)

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    Curious into the newest designs? Sadly, we can't show you that just yet. What I can share however is a collection of images that I created as a visual source document to inspire the team and create a vision of the future for MyRoute-app. This version is dated late 2018 which goes to show that we are always looking towards the future.

    A small disclaimer though

    • These concepts were created from a design perspective only. That means that these concepts might not be optimized for click through, contain design errors and would cause many a developer to shed tears of blood if they'd have to build this.
    • These concepts are incomplete and outdated
    • These concepts are first issue, that means that it contains my signature first issue flaw: mixing english and dutch designs.
    • Once more, these concepts are from 2018 and thus severely outdated

    Profile - Achievements
    Profiel - Prestaties.jpg
    Profile - Routes (route selected)
    Profiel - Routes (route selected).jpg
    Profile - Routes (no route selected)
    Profiel - Routes.jpg
    Profile - Tracklogs
    Profiel - Tracklogs.jpg
    Profile - Blog
    Profiel (Blog).jpg
    Profile - Events
    Profiel (Events).jpg
    Profile - Favorites
    Profiel (FAV).jpg
    Profile - Groups
    Profiel (Groups).jpg
    Profile - POI's
    Profiel (POI).jpg

    Route Editor
    Route editor.jpg
    Routelab User library
    Route Lab (lib).jpg
    Routelab RouteXperts library
    Route Lab (RE).jpg
    Routelab Startpoint
    Route Lab.jpg

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