Add stop time at waypoint

  • If planning a route on which you want to add stop time (say visit a museum etc) how can this be added to route timings

  • @Tim-Goodman
    Hallo Tim, that is not possible at this time

  • This feature will be very useful for when we start riding Electric Bikes long distances. Adding in the time to charge would be perfect.

  • RouteXperts

    @stephen-davies That would mean we would become clock watchers 😧 I never have been and never will be a clock watcher. Electric bikes capable of touring are a long long way off. No need to panic just yet. 😌phew

  • Good Idea. Garmins BaseCamp is able to do this.
    As tour guide you need to be a clock watcher...

    I'm using also eCars and eBikes in several scale. Also for long distance rides. Surely, you need to plan this ride with charging breaks. But it's really not a problem, I'm familiar (it's similar) to do the same by traveling by train. There you should have also a plan in front of traveling.

    So, age of electric rides is there. But MRA is far away to do the same as specialized route planning tools for eMobiles.

  • RouteXperts

    I have never needed to add stop times to a route. If the route travels through a great landscape I will mentally add an extra hour or two to allow for stops to take photo’s. You can’t plan too precisely for a museum stop - the museum might be really good or it could be a pile of poo! So the stop might be 1.5 hours or 10 minutes. What if the restaurant you use for lunch gets your order wrong and the service takes an extra 20 minutes!
    Last year in May, I lead a tour of 4 bikes 4500 miles through Europe over 21 days. Every route for every day was meticulously planned using MRA. From fuel and coffee stops to ferries and hotels. We had some issues along the way that cannot be planned for; like a bike breaking down. We dealt with this by adjusting some routes during the tour by logging on to my MRA account and uploading new routes to my TomTom via the cloud.
    At no point during this or any of the many other tours that I have lead, would a tool to add stop times to a route have been useful. Experience is the best tool in the box!

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