Feature suggestion - Search on start AND end of route

  • In the Library you can find routes based on where they start, but I think people are not really interested in that.
    What people are mainly interested in is a route that starts e.g. within a circle of 25Km around a place/town/city to a place within a circle of 50Km around their destination. If people are gonna use such a route, the will adapt it to suit their exact starting point and destination anyway.

    So my feature request is to make filtering on starting point withing X km circle and destination within Y km circle. That way you can keep increasing parameters until something suitable shows up to base your own route on.

  • Agreed, good suggestion. Maybe even "via" if MRA are feeling adventurous 🙂 !

  • administrator

    @Con-Hennekens I think this is a nice idea, I agree with it as well. It would be better if we could filter on both start and end for "quick" inbetween rides.

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