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    1. experience has shown that usually my travel duration is going to be quicker than the calculations suggests. 😉

    If we had the option to reduce (or perhaps say in icy conditions increase) calculated travel times by a variable percentage, That would make our individual itinaries much more accurate.

    1. Would it be also possible to add a duration to each waypoint? The default should be zero i.e drive through, but at viewpoints and restaurants etc, if we can add an expected duration to the waypoint we can look at our whole journey itinerary rather than just travelling time.

    PS If we could make this a negative waypoint duration we could also compensate until the feature 1 suggestion above is available 😉

    3 If we could add a start time to the first waypoint, an itinery could be produced to get a better idea of arrival times at each waypoint so we run less risk of arriving at a POI before it opens or after it closes.... 😞

    Thanks for considering


  • RouteXperts

    @Royzee There could be and would be far too many variables for this to be useful. All map suppliers always add a little time to their calculations for this reason. GPS devices always adjust your arrival time to your destination as you progress.
    Besides, isn't it nice to beat your GPS 🏁 😁

  • @Nick-Carthew-RouteXpert
    Thanks for the reply.
    I guess my take from what you've just said is that it is the Route Navigation algorithms which make up the journey time in the Itinerary, not the Myroute app and thus it would be difficult to implement I get that.

    I would dispute the too many variables to be useful comment.

    Bear in mind that I'm not talking about dynamic timings whilst riding most Nav apps are pretty good at ETA's and you learn with experience

    I'm talking about what is, for me at least, one of the primary differentiators of MRA. Ease of Route Planning for use on a variety of devices.

    Its the easiest to use and most versatile route creation tool I've found, by a country mile.

    I would argue that for route planning and producing an itinerary these variables, think Fuel stops, Photo Opportunities, Cafes, Restaurants, Museums Etc take up a significant part of the day, especially with a large group or a "sightseeing" type of trip. Route planning without taking these variables into account only produces a useless itinerary!.

    The current process is iterative - create a rough route and planed stops. Manually allow for the variables above, realise that the planned stops don't work together. Modify the route and/or or stops, recalculate. Repeat until we have a route that arrives at museums when they are open, and planned food breaks and final destination at about the "right" time.

    If MRA used the journey time data from the nav app but enabled users to allow for these waypoint variables to produce a detailed Itinerary with modified timings when creating the route, it would significantly simplify this process, and produce a reasonable itinerary first time every time. I would consider that to be useful to me and presumably others too. 😀

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