Feature Suggestion - Sort order Events on profile

  • We are a local motortourclub and decided last year to move the calendar including registration and routes from our own website (www.mtc-tet.nl) to MRA. Now one year later we have evaluated the use of MRA. Everybody is very pleased with the possibilities of MRA. So that's great! However there are some features we like to suggest and this topic is one of them, namely:
    When a member of our club select the profile page of our club-account (MTC-TET Club) and then select the menu "Events" the sort order is different and also onlogical compared to the "personal" eventlist on the left-side menu.
    Could the sort-order on the profile eventlist be same as on the left-side menu?
    This means events that will be the first to take place will be on top of the list instead of halfway.and just above the events in the past.

    Br, Erik Becht

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