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  • We are a local motortourclub and decided last year to move the calendar including registration and routes from our own website (www.mtc-tet.nl) to MRA. Now one year later we have evaluated the use of MRA. Everybody is very pleased with the possibilities of MRA. So that's great! However there are some features we like to suggest and this topic is one of them, namely:

    We like to share some information which should only be visible to the members of a MRA Group.
    You could see it as the Blog option on a account-level but then on Group-level with the option to view it only to the members of the group.

  • I have mentioned this too, long time ago. It's essentially, to get this feature if you will have Events. Subsequently, ther is a naturally need to share common experience with all event members. But seriosly, in most cases only with team- or event members!
    Not only German Law about data protection, does not allow to share private information or fotos from people without their consent form. In other words: as organizer of an event, you will not be able to share any information of the event, as long as simply one member has not giving his formal agreement. But many people are willing to share it with team or group - but not all the time with total public!

    So please MRA developers, implement for event, blog posts and travel stories sharing options. We need privacy mode options: private, for friends, for Group, for event, public.

  • administrator

    Hi, Thank you for this suggestion. Can you clarify specifically what should be invisible? Even the top-level data such as a group description and image?

    As for membership visibility: an outsider will only see this,

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA

    There is a big difference between Blogpost/Travelstories and Events:

    Blogpost/Travelstories can be published by one simple click. But then its total public. Before, both are not able to found by other Users. But when published it can be found by everyone. Generally, this is acceptable.

    Events can be configured as public or as private. But just if event is configured as private, it can be found by everyone. Also everyone can read description (Information) and can see participants of this event! Only routes, tracks and moments are only visible for participants.
    This is really not acceptable! If an event is privat, it mußt be privat at all - like Blogpost/Travelstories.

    But the two options: private and public, does not fit our needs. Additionally - as I wrote before - we need for Blogpost/Travelstories and Events some more options: for friends, for groups and for participants.

    Kind regards

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA : What we would like it the we can creat a blogs at a group-level which is only visible for members of the group. For example when we had a clubmeeting and we like to share some information only to the clubmembers then this isn't possble on MRA.

    We could creat a blog on our account-lever but then the world can read the blog.
    Like this one: https://www.myrouteapp.com/blog/open/886

    If you're wondering why we would like this option then the reason is that at this moment we have our own webiste (www.mtc-tet.nl) and are using MRA for the Events and Routes. However if MRA has more functionality for motortourclub then we can switch completely to MRA.

  • Instructor

    With MTC-Zeilberg (www.mtc-zeilberg.nl) we are running into a bit of the same need, namely information that is only visible for reading. In fact, we only use our website to display events, member data, photos and videos without detailed data being visible to non-members. All members have an account and see more details. All our members have also signed an AVG agreement. All our members also have an MRA account. As MTC-Zeilberg we have a Gold account, in which we make the routes, events, etc. We also have a Group (MTCZ) and only members of MTC-Zeilberg are members of this group. In principle, all our events are of the "closed" type and everyone receives an invitation for events via MTCZ.
    So it would be nice to manage your entire club within MRA without having to maintain another website.

    Wij lopen met MTC-Zeilberg (www.mtc-zeilberg.nl) een beetje tegen dezelfde behoefte aan, namelijk informatie die alleen voor lezen zichtbaar is. Eigenlijk gebruiken wij onze website alleen nog voor het tonen van de evenementen, gegevens van leden, foto's en video's zonder dat detaildata zichtbaar is voor niet leden. Alle leden hebben een account en zien meer gegevens. Al onze leden hebben ook een AVG overeenkomst getekend. Al onze leden hebben ook een MRA account. Als MTC-Zeilberg hebben wij een Gold account, waar we de routes, evenementen enz in maken. Verder hebben we een Groep (MTCZ) en alleen leden van MTC-Zeilberg zijn lid van deze groep. In priciepe zijn al onze evenementen van het "gesloten" type en krijgt iedereen via MTCZ een uitnodiging voor evenementen.
    Het zou dus mooi zijn om je hele club binnen MRA te beheren zonder dat je nog een andere website erbij moet onderhouden.

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