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  • At first: i miss a clear structure, where to address new wishes for development. But may my eyes are in meantime not the best...

    Then I like to address this topic to develop:
    At Event page of MRA, there is only a small field to enter a description of that Event. Only pure text is allowed, no format no text markup is possible. Verry uncomfortable for Event Manager. But also for Event participants to read later on the text.
    At mobile devices, the scroll bar is not visible in case of long texts. So participants gets no hint abaout this long text an are not forced to scroll down...

    Please can we get a split of page "Information and Participants" into 2 single pages? One single page for Event desciption with possibility of format and text markups (just like here at this point to enter anew topic).
    And another single page for whole part of participants?

    Thank you and best whishes for New Year 2020

  • answer from responsible or developer?

  • Instructor

    Hello Rainer, I think this wish is not on the ToDo list for this year.

  • @Guzzist Man, you are impatient. You asked a question only a month ago and expect an answer already 🤣
    I entered a support ticket 5 months ago and got no answer yet so what do you expect?

    Jokes aside, staff seems to have totally disappeared from this forum since 1 November 2019. I guess that it has something to do with concentrating effort on a new feature (and related announced price hike) that seems to be a bit more difficult to program than anticipated.

    What seems ultimately strange to me is that staff is sending emails around about this new feature, and its delays ... but this information is not copied onto this forum?
    Makes one wonder why they made this forum in the first place?

    And about your feature request: It seems to me that the first feature we need is the ability to download in one zip file all our own content from MRA for local back-up (maybe it exists, but I can't find it). It comes predominantly down to downloading our complete folderstructure with all the routes, etc...

    My original plan when paying for the gold lifetime subscription was to use MRA as my motorcycle and travelling memory but changed my mind rapidly bearing in mind I may loose everything if this site goes down.

    Have fun

  • @Drabslab
    ...this was my idea too, to use MRA as my one and only tool to keep my routes and journeys. And therefore I like to pay for it.
    But there are a lot of disadvantages at MRA, the producer needs to eliminate, to keep me as customer.
    If rapid developing needs more staff, may I can help. If it simply needs more money - I will pay it also. But especially the module Events is important to me as Event Manager. If I want to get satified participants, I need good functionality and propper look and feel. Otherwise I'll make a fool of myself...

    I don't want to be impatient, but I have different experience of customer orientation.

  • We are currently working hard to launch a new product (MRA Video). After the launch, we will first fix some bugs and improve existing functionalities. We work with a small team on a large application. There will soon be a 'suggestions' topic, but we already have enough suggestions for a year's work 😊 .

  • @Guzzist It appears our little conversation caused some waves 😊

    On your comments: the core functionality of MRA is very good. I think that, too a large extend, this is because it is based on a hobby project that has experimented and tested many functionalities during years, on a non-commercial basis with quality (and fun) as main driver. Unfortunately, some of these functionalities seem to have disapeared when porting it to web based technologies.

    The current MRA project, in modern terms a start-up, must obey economic laws and must in the first place generate sufficient money to be sustainable. This is not necessarily bad, but it makes it much more difficult to choose between bug fixes, new features, or the next golden cow that promises massive profit.

    In essence, continue to bring your needs to the table, and give it some patience, I am still convinced that it is worth it.

  • @Drabslab, @Michel-van-Hagen-MRA-Founder
    I fully agree with you 👍
    And I know verry well, a Company needs to earn money. Also it's not an easy job, to balance, price and features of a product.
    By the way, I believe the prices for MRA product are not expensive 😉

    Another tip: an official roadmap with detailed next features or fixes will be highly appreciated. No matter, if sort of sequence will change from time to time (agile aproach).
    If there will be a possibility, I will be happy to support developers (for free) because I believe on MRA.

    Kind regards

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