New request for development

  • At first: i miss a clear structure, where to address new wishes for development. But may my eyes are in meantime not the best...

    Then I like to address this topic to develop:
    At Event page of MRA, there is only a small field to enter a description of that Event. Only pure text is allowed, no format no text markup is possible. Verry uncomfortable for Event Manager. But also for Event participants to read later on the text.
    At mobile devices, the scroll bar is not visible in case of long texts. So participants gets no hint abaout this long text an are not forced to scroll down...

    Please can we get a split of page "Information and Participants" into 2 single pages? One single page for Event desciption with possibility of format and text markups (just like here at this point to enter anew topic).
    And another single page for whole part of participants?

    Thank you and best whishes for New Year 2020

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