Incorrect mapversion of HERE in MRA

  • Using the HERE map in MRA (or in Basecamp) for crossing de 'Hogeweg' in Kamperveen (8278BA) tells us that that road is not an through road.
    Using the HERE map in my Garmin Zumo XT shows the correct version of the ongoing road. The OSM map and the TomTom map in MRA also show the correct situation.

    Why is the HERE map that MRA uses not correct and not the same as on the Zumo XT? It looks different versions are being distributed.

  • You can make a crosscheck at the here map.

  • @Reinhard-32
    I followed your suggestion and that map version is incorrect too.
    Google Earth shows (proves) that it is a trough road.
    The HERE map on my Zumo XT has the the correct version with a through road.
    My question remains: why does the MRA HERE map does not have the correct map version?

  • @Rob-Veerman
    In your first posting you mentioned that the calculated routes are different between the ZumoXT and BaseCamp too. Did I understood this correctly? And have you used the same CN NTU 2020.30 at your Zumo and BaseCamp for your calculation? If so than there must be some different avoidance settings in the Zumo and BaseCamp. Otherwise the routes should be identical.

  • @Reinhard-32
    I think we have some kind of misunderstanding.
    I observe that the mentioned road is interrupted in the HERE map that is being used by MRA, but that the same road is not interrupted in example given the HERE map in my Zumo XT. The same road is NOT interrupted in the TomTom and the OSM map that is used by MRA.
    In Basecamp using 2020.30 NTU and 2020.20 the road is interrupted. Puzzling situation. If you take a look with Google Earth you can see the road is in reality NOT interrupted.

  • @Reinhard-32
    and if you push the Streetview button in MRA in combination with the use of the HERE map you can notice the blue line of the Google Streetview car that continues (where the map says 'no road') and Google has taken that road. So the road is there, but MRA in combination with the HERE map refuses to follow it and forces me to take another road. Of course I know that I can force the route to take that road with the 'skip waypoint option', but that is not the point I am making.

  • @Rob-Veerman

    To make sure we talking about the same location. I have made a short route and added the link:
    The route is crossing the Hogeweg.

    When I importing this route in my BaseCamp and make a new calculation. I get the same result as in MR

    Here a screenshot from BaseCamp


  • This is the situation I am talking about. In real life lies a road between points 2 and 3 (as TomTom and OSM know and my Zumo XT). According to the HERE map MRA is using there is no road and MRA (or better HERE) wants me to turnaround at 2 make a detour to get to 3. No problem using OSM and my TomTom Rider 550. And as I stated: you can see the blue line of Streetview when ticking that button.

    427b33ec-ec77-45b3-851c-1c805d8390fa-Schermafbeelding 2020-05-26 om 13.20.35.png Schermafbeelding 2020-05-26 om 13.20.35

  • @Rob-Veerman Indeed, I just tried the same ad I have the same result. The road is available when calculating the route with TomTom but not with Here.

  • @Rob-Veerman

    Hello Rob, now I understand your problem. The gap in the street is only in the Here / Garmin map.
    Other maps are not affected.
    Therefore this error should reported to Here.,46.0000,3,normal

    MotorouteKarte 2020-03-26.jpg

    CN NTU 2020.30.jpg

  • RouteXperts

    @Rob-Veerman I cannot answer your question. But I can tell you that the Here map used in MRA Navigation is correct. 533B42B3-5BF9-4C9C-B00D-CD1DE723D170.png

  • I am not using Navigation, I am an early adopter without Navigation.
    Your answer fits exactly next to my question and now a second question arises: why is the HERE-map version in MRA-web different from the one for MRA-Navigation?
    New question arises: why does MRA not report this to the people of HERE?

  • RouteXperts

    @Rob-Veerman Sorry, but as I said, I can't answer your question, but I will ask a man who can. Please be patient for an answer and I or someone will get back to you soon.

  • @Rob-Veerman
    Hello Rob, MRA can only reporting something to Here if they know about map errors. Nobody can check each road on the planet. That is not possible. Therefore we have to live with map errors and if we found one, than we should reporting it to the map distributers.

    In the meantime I have reportet this error to Here and in one of the next update the error should be fixed.

  • administrator

    @Rob-Veerman Hi Rob,

    The HERE-map version in web and Navigation may differ for any number of reason, but as people correctly guessed already in this thread, this is by no means our (MRA) intention. Maintenance on these maps is done by HERE, not by MyRoute-app. Both Navigation and MRA Web use what's called an API key which facilitates the communication between HERE's map database and the different MyRoute-app services.

    To create a visual metaphor: imagine that instead of a routeplanner, MRA delivers you each day two boxes of apples. One day you open both boxes and find that one box (MRA Navigation) is empty whilst the other still has apples. This is what happened here, one service (WEB) has an updated version of the map you're looking for while the other service (Navigation) apparantly doesn't have the version you're looking for. We both don't expect this but it does happen occasionally. The reason for this is as good a guess for you as for us. The missing apples are not something we could have known about, since the orchard (HERE) gives us the boxes. Hopefully this answers your question as to how this could happen.

    Next question: why does MRA not report this to HERE? we do, however it does take some time for a specific question like this to get on our radar. To go back to the example of apples in boxes: when we send out the boxes we can't check every single box, instead the orchard promises to check them for us and correct it if something goes wrong.

    Now your final question: how come your Zumo does show the right route? This may have several reasons, but the most logical one that comes to mind is that the map on this Zumo isn't up to date. Again, this is pure speculation, but if all permantently connected services (Navigation, MRA Web and even Basecamp) show the exact same behavior, then it's most likely that this is the case. To go back once more to the example of apples: your Garmin XT might as well be an old box of old apples, there's no correlation between that box and the boxes you received today.

    I hope I've been as clear as possible. Thank you for your time.

    Kind regards,


  • @Reinhard-32
    Of course I do not expect the people of MRA to check all existing or non existing roads and personally I can live with map errors. We travellers are the guinea pigs (not for MRA, but for the map makers). I am very flexible and everywhere there are lots of roads under construction or you meet lots of "Umleitungen" as you (in Germany?) call it. No problem, I was just convinced that MRA would pick this up, now being aware of the different versions of the same HERE map. Thanks for your assistance (and Nick, because he showed us that even Navigation had another version). Happy travels!

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA
    That's quite some time you spend to answer my question. You're a real philosopher. But it has been solved now and I have already answered to Reinhardt. I don't need a whole box of apples; isn't the saying: an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Map errors are there to be met on your travels, afterwards they can be solved. Happy travels too!

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA
    Regarding to the Zumo XT. I own this model as well and I have checked the installed map (CN NTU 2020.30) and the road Segment is missing as well.
    But at the Zumo there is an additional map installed called TopoActive. This map is activated by default together with the CN 2020.30.
    The TopoActive Map is based on the OSM Maps and at this location the Road Segment is there. This could explain the calculation behavior at the Zumo XT.

  • @Reinhard-32
    Hello Reinhardt. That now explains why that part of the road is not present in Basecamp, because that TOPOActive map is not present in Basecamp.
    I have the Topo Active Map installed and active on my Zumo XT.
    I have now checked the situation again after having 'unticked' the TopoActive map and yes, that particular part then disappears on the map. Ticking the boxes again, the road is back. Thanks for letting me know the source of the problem. Riddle solved. Still; HERE has to make that correction for their regular map. Thanks a lot!

  • @Rob-Veerman
    Rob, connect your Zumo via USB with BaseCamp and wait for a while. Then you can select the TopoActive Map from the Map drop down menu. On my Maschine the south west part oft this map is visible only. That includes the Netherlands but not Germany.

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