Differences between MyRoute-app and the Navigation app

  • Recently I have planned a short route with MyRoute-app at my IPad. Then I opened the route with the navigation app and the route was identical with the planned route.

    When I opened the Route in MyRoute-app at my Android phone everything is ok but in the navigation app there is a difference in the route.

    The route is planned at the here map and the here map is installed at my IPad and my android phone as well. See the Screenshots below.

    It seems to me that the route calculation within the navogation app at my android phone is based at the standard map and not at the Here map.

    Here is the route for inspection.


    Any thoughts?




  • @Reinhard-32

    I forwarded it to the development team, thank you for reporting.👍

  • Hi Reinhard-32

    Inserting a couple more waypoints between 2 and 3 in the first screenshot would probably fix that in Navigation.


  • @Steve-Lynch
    Hi Steve, thanks for your suggestion. I know this option, but then I must check each planned route at my android phone. That’s not what I have expected from this software. I need the confidence that a planned route can be used without double checking at my mobile phone.
    I think there is a bug in the android navigation app.

  • RouteXperts

    This post is deleted!

  • RouteXperts

    @Reinhard-32 I agree with @Steve-Lynch and think you should add more route points.
    I have an iPhone and the same route was planned for me in MRA Nav (1st picture). I added 3 more RPs and the route was identical to MRA route planner ( 2nd picture).
    I understand your point, that if you can see a route on the route planner, it should be the same for the navigation app. When a route contains many options for the MRA Nav to choose from, it’s better to add a few more RPs to guarantee you will follow your route.


  • @Reinhard-32

    This is a route with only 3 waypoints. Both the website and the app recalculate the route every time from waypoint to waypoint. Due to circumstances, crowded roads, but also due to a small difference in coordinates, a different calculation can take place between route points 2 and 3.

  • @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master
    Hans, thanks for your reply. It is very important to know this behavior. I was not aware about this.
    To add some additional points is not a big deal. But without this knowledge when I share the route with my friends then I would be run in trouble and maybe I loosing some them. 😉

    Therefore this behavior should more pointed out in the intructions.

  • @Nick-Carthew
    However, setting waypoints cannot be more than a temporary work-around. In the attached example, numerous waypoints are included in the planning. Nevertheless, the route is displayed differently in the navigation app (Android). See points 30 + 31.

    Even in this small section, the route in the app differs from the web application.



  • I had the same problem while testing the app. Route in MyrouteApp Web OK, in MyrouteApp navigation other route calculation. I planned with the Here map and navigated with an Android phone.

    In the avoidances I have set "unpaved streets". When I deactivated this setting, the route was calculated correctly.

    Perhaps the small side street in your route between points 30 and 31 is entered on the map as an unpaved street.

    Another time it did not work for me with the deactivation of "unpaved road". Then I set the waypoint exactly in the middle of the section and then the route was calculated as desired.

    The wrong route guidance can be corrected by adding or moving waypoints, but unfortunately the error can only be seen after calculation in the Naviagtions app. On a 7-day tour with long daily stages, it means an enormous amount of time to check and correct all routes in the navigation app.

    This error must be corrected. The algorithm for route calculation must be the same as in MRA-Web so that the routes are 100% identical.

  • @Christian-Schrenk said in Differences between MyRoute-app and the Navigation app:

    This error must be corrected. The algorithm for route calculation must be the same as in MRA-Web so that the routes are 100% identical.

    I supporting this. The route in the navigation app must be 100% the same as the planned route.

  • I can go along with that 100%!

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