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  • I have been using the Navigation app on my iPhone for two years but I'm now considering switching over to a ruggedized Android device using the DriveMode Dashboard ( and the Carpe handlebar remote controller ( Does anyone have experience using either of these products with the MRA Android Navigation app.
    Thanks in advance.

  • @Guy-Perrin Hai,

    I have no experience so sorry I can't help you. I just want to thank you for sharing these links. I have some doubts about the control unit but the dashboard seems like a very interestign development.

    Maybe the MRA folks can get some inspiration out of this for an overhaul of the navigation app.


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  • Thanks, I have also reached out to the folks at Drive Mode and they are looking at compatibility with MRA. Will update this post when I hear back.

  • Hi,

    I am using the Carpe Iter pad (CIPad) since a year and about 8.000km of riding. Most of the time I am navigating with MRA Navigation, while I did all my pre-planning with MRA. It works very well on the CIPad, either from the DriveMode launcher or the Microsoft launcher.

    Within the DriverMode dash board (= launcher) you can launch any app you like. In my case I have inserted as a standard link MRA Navigation, TomTomGo, GoogleMaps and Locus Maps (including the BRouter).

    What I am missing inside MRA Navigation is the possibility to use Locus Maps, which you get together with the CIPad. They offer many more details and highlights in particular for motorcycling, based still on OMS. The second advantage of Locus Maps over the available maps in MRA is the availability of continously notificying the hight above sea level when riding just adjacent to the cursor. That is a very nice feature. Together with the more detailed Locus Maps I get further indications, which paths to follow best.

    Kind regards

  • @Markus-Hellenthal-Dr Hallo Markus. Bin auch interessiert am Carpet Iter. Was sind deine Erfahrungen? Telefonieren, Whatsup, Youtube und Routen Planung. Danke und Gruss aus Z├╝rich Kudee

  • @Kudee
    Wie schon geschrieben, das CIPad funktioniert wunderbar als Navigationsger├Ąt und Smartphone f├╝r unterwegs. Es ist im Grunde ein 7-Zoll gro├čes, besonders robustes und vergleichsweise schweres Android-Smartphone, einschlie├člich Telefonfunktion und Email-App. Alle mir bekannten Android-Apps laufen darauf und eben auch Drive Mode als Launcher, wenn man will, oder auch als eine sonstige App, die von einem anderen Launcher aus gestartet wird.

    Routenplanung ist am CIPad m├Âglich ├╝ber MRA (wie auch am "normalen" Smartphone), aber ich mache es aus praktischen Gr├╝nden lieber am Laptop.

    WhatsApp funktioniert grunds├Ątzlich auch, aber eben dann nur hier und nicht mehr auf dem Standard-Smartphone, weshalb ich es auf dem CIPad nicht.

    Viele Gr├╝├če

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