PRESS RELEASE: MyRoute-app finally gains access to Apple Carplay

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA

    Do you really talk about the App MyRouteApp (MRA) or the separate App ‚Navigation, by MRA.

    This only make sence. MRA is a planning tool, Navigation not included. What will I do with CarPlay for planning a Tour with MRA only?

  • Hi Myrouteapp Team; it’s great news you are working on the Navigation App to support Apple Carplay!
    I really think it will be a great benefit for the users and for your commercial sales as well😉
    At the moment I did a lot of research to find an navigation Carplay App what can import Gpx and others.
    I found only one😉 but this is not so userfriendly As your Navi app! Hope you will bring it on the market soon!

  • MyrouteApp,

    Bijna 2 maanden gelezen zag ik jullie vol trots aankondigen dat er een doorbraak is op het gebied van development voor carplay.

    Ik vroeg me nu af wat vandaag de dag de status is. Dit op het gebied van te verwachten functies en wanneer we een beta kunnen verwachten.

    Ik ben benieuwd.

    Ik hoor van jullie.

    Ongeduldige Igor 😉

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