Great suggestion list: height profile

  • Or, the sad life of a pogrammer and how users can be a big pain at times 🙂

    Just imagine the life of a programmer who slaves away on a very nice new feature, and finally proudly releases it. Usually, within minutes there is one or another of those -people- who come up with additional questions and requests...

    Life is hard 🙂

    So, first thank you for the new feature, it is fun to look at all my old routes, especially the more adventurous ones, and look at that height profile. This will be a great help when organizing a new route, and assess how difficult that route will be.

    What I would like to suggest:

    The heightgraph window seems to always manage to be just in the place where it stands on top of the part of the route I want to see. A possibility to drag the window to any place on the screen would be an asset

    Moving the cursor over the heightprofile window gives a smaller flag on the map showing the exact point on the route. Selecting a part of the route on the heightprofile makes the map zoom in. This is very good but a function to unzoom the map when unselecting the routepart would seem a nice addition to me. I hope you understand this bizare explanation.

    Now I am waiting for you to tell me that it is already there but I was too ...... to notice it

  • Instructor

    You can move the map behind the graph, so you can see the route...🙂 🙂

  • @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master Hans, you are a user!!! I expect you to show some solidarity with me, also a user 😉 😋 😈

    You are right, but moving the window away just seems more comfortable to me, I am lazy, you see 🙂

  • administrator

    Hi Drab, while what @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master is saying is true, I do agree with you that it'd be nice to move the graph. In fact, I'd like to scale it too! I'll write it down. Thanks for the idea.

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