My love for Porsche 944

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    As a petrol head and working for my profession in the automotive i do have a weekend ride to do all the cool trips on sunny saturday or sunday.

    About 10 years ago i discovered the Porsche 944 model, long time unloved by people who thought they where real Porsche enthousiasts and ofcourse they only knew the 911 model...

    Sold from model year 1982 it was the successor of the Porsche 924.
    More powerful, better handling & better appearance the the 924 the 944 was an immediately hit and saved the Porsche brand from bankrupt.

    In 2010 i bought my first 944, a 944 turbo 2.5L 8v engine with 220HP
    WOW ! what a great car.

    I sold the car in 2011 because of family reasons ( building a house, buying kids etc...etc.. ) and still regret i sold that car....

    In the following years i bought several other 944's and a 924 Turbo.
    For now i'm already on my sixth example and what a beauty !

    Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet
    Model year 1990
    3.0 16v engine with 211HP
    0-100km's 7 seconds and a topspeed of 240km/h

    The figures aren't that great anno 2020 but back then in 1990 it was a very fast car !

    Pictures saying more then words 😇






  • Instructor

    Great car

  • @Hans-van-de-Ven-RouteXpert That is an understatement Hans 😊

  • administrator

    Very nice car, when I was a kid I always wanted a Porche "when I grow up". I very much like the look of your car and I bet it sounds and feels amazing to drive as well.

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