Start point and Re-routing

  • Two parts to this one and sorry it’s a bit long winded.

    I planned a route with the start point at my home address, I had to fill up with fuel so when I started the route it was trying to take me back home to start the route from my house. I changed the option in route settings ‘navigate via start’ but it still tried to take me home. In the end after about 3 miles I pulled over and used the skip button to skip a waypoint and then it worked ok. Am I doing something wrong?

    Secondly, half way through the route I took a wrong turning, rather than taking me back to the route via the nearest point of the original route it was trying to take me back to where I went wrong for it to then continue on the route planned. When I used a TomTom if I took a wrong turn it would just re-route to the nearest point of the route. Again, am I doing something wrong.

    I hope this make sense, thanks in advance.

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    Hi @Craig-4. Without seeing your route, it’s hard to see where the problem might be.
    If you shared your route here and pointed out where the fuel stop was and where you took a wrong turn I might be able to see what the cause was. If you do share the route, make sure the privacy is set to public.

  • @Craig-4 Hi, I would think that the first point is that you didn't actually go over the original point at home. Easy done. If you must have a way point near the start, then the best way is to put the first point just a bit down the road in the direction you are planning to go.That way you will definitiely pass over it. At least that's usually the problem when it is in a tomtom.

  • @Craig-4 Not claiming that this is the best way, but this is how I do it:

    Route end point: I put mly end points on the road fairly close to my destination (read: hotel). This way I am sure that routing will have stopped when I arrive which avoids a few annoying things with my GPS.

    Route starting point: never at the hotel because then the GPS may miss it and keeps sednign you back. Very often, I put my route starting point on the first main road outside the city where I stay. That may be several kilometers away from the hotel. This way I can give my GPS the freedom to calculate the optimal route to get out of the city and pick up my route when the odds of having a roadblock are minimal.

    Your second problem. Your GPS may be doing the correct thing. It is calculating the most efficient way to go to nearest point, and in many cases this does mean turning around.

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