New Suggestion for MRA Navigaton: Speed limit

  • In MRA Navigation, at screen during navigation, there is an icon about current Speed limit. This is verry usefull and highly welcome.
    But if ther is currently no Speed limit on the road, the screen still Shows that Icon, but with 255 Km/h.
    That is heavily irritating and unnecessary because may force suddenly breakes, if you are sure there is no speed limit but then see a limitation Icon on screen.

    Please don't show the icon on screen, as long as there is no speed limit.
    May this suggestion can be placed at "The great suggestion list"

  • administrator

    @Guzzist Hi Guzzist, will communicate it with the developer. I think the world-famous autobahn sign would be more appropriate here in cases where you are in fact allowed to go 255 km/h. In cases where the speed limit is simply unknown a different warning should appear (although for obvious reasons, I'd prefer to never see such a warning).

  • RouteXperts

    @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA Or the infinity symbol 😊

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA
    It depends on Smartphone dimension how easy you can recognize the digits in the icon. So, if you believe ther is no speed limit, an icon on screen will shock you. This is a unnecessary risk during riding.

    At other side, in Germany we have not really no speed limit - we have "reporting speed" (German Language: Richtgeschwindigkeit) - means you should not drive much faster and not much slower than 130 Km/h.
    You may than Show (in Germany) this icon on screen:

    But this will make it more complicated. So, better will be no icon 😉

  • administrator

    @Guzzist Thank you for clarifying that, Your comment interested me so I looked it up a little more on wikipedia and found this:

    ". While driving at higher speeds is not punishable, the increased risk induced by higher speeds (erhöhte Betriebsgefahr) may result in partial liability for damages. Moreover, the law forbids travel at speeds that would extend the vehicle's minimum halting distance beyond the driver's line of sight (Sicherheitsabstand).[16] On all German roads, there are speed limits for trucks, buses, cars towing trailers, and small motorised vehicles (Mopeds, etc.)."

    Someone also told me that German insurers start holding you liable at speeds over 160 km/h. I'm not sure how accurate that is. Regardless, I might think twice now about going over 200.

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