Unpaved roads

  • I am wondering if when viewing a map within MyRoute if there is a way to identify unpaved roads.
    I am aware that you can avoid unpaved roads in "Here" and "TomTom", but what if you place a waypoint on an unpaved road, do you get a warning? would it not let you place a waypoint on an unpaved road?


  • RouteXperts

    @Phil-o The quick answer is no, there is no warning to stop you placing route points off road.
    TomTom will warn if you place one in the middle of the ocean stating that it can’t calculate the route!
    However, a quick check can sometimes be had by switching on streetview. If there is a blue line where your route point is then it’s probably a road. If you then click on the blue line by your route point you can see for yourself. You can also check by fully zooming into the road on the OpenStreet overlay map. This distinguishes road types better than other maps and off-road tracks will generally have a dotted line.

  • Thanks, great tip!

  • ...but if you are planning routes in Slovenia, be carefully. Because several National Roads (which are in well conditions in other Countries) - are somtimes unpaved in Slovenia!

    But because those are National Roads, those are not in dotted line in MRA; they are in typical colour for National (bigger) Roads.

    As Gold-Member, you may use Google-Satellite map and zoom in. Funny thing: often, Street View will give you perfect impression also for those unpaved roads...

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