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  • Morning to all,

    I decided to take the plunge this morning and upgrade from basic membership to gold membership beleiving that the main additional benefit by being a Gold member would allow me to access navigation through the app rather than exporting to a third party navigation app?

    I think I may have been mistaken as it now appears that navigation is NOT included in the upgrade and to get the seperate navigation app for MRA requires another £34.99 for three years sign up??

    Can other users confirm the above, is indeed, correct? I have been exporting from MRA in to GPX pro viewer but finding the GPX app to be limited functionality (no turn by turn instructions) just a blue dot and some arrows which can be hard to see on the phone.

    Any help greatly appreciated before I spend any more cash.

    Steve Butler

  • RouteXperts

    @Steve-Butler MRA Navigation is indeed a separate app. And in my opinion well worth the fee, less than a tank full of fuel per year.

  • @Nick-Carthew Hi Nick so what does Gold membership give me that I didnt get with Basic?? I have paid 39 euros as foolishly I presumed that would give me the navigation within the app that Basic lacked? I now have to pay a further subscription to navigate via MRA Navigation??


  • RouteXperts

    @Steve-Butler Gold membership for the MRA Route Planner gives you many more very useful tools in the toolkit. It also allows you to plan your routes on the Garmin (Here) map or TomTom map, this means that the routes that you create will be far more accurate on these devices. You will also have several map overlays to use, all of Google maps including satellite and Streetview, Michelin map and several other handy overlays that enables you to create professional routes. Two new great features just added for gold membership are MRA Animation which is like the popular app Relive and a 3D map like Google Earth that will show the type of terrain your route travels through.
    MRA Navigation is available as a monthly subscription of just €2.95 a month. See here:

  • RouteXperts

    @Steve-Butler PS: As a gold member you will also receive great support from the support section of MRA.

  • @Steve-Butler

    MRA GOld for the routeplanner is certainly worth its money, at least if you are regularly making your own short or long routes for a trip or holiday.

    If you are the type that his only concerned with "driving the fasted route between A and B, then the navigation subscription is more than enough.

    Both the above apply to me but i don't have a nav subscription because I still use a TomTom rider 400.

    If you are an A to B man, then enter a support ticket asking MRA to swith your subscription from gold routeplanner to MRA navigation. This gives you the possibility to learn the nav as yiou expected and find out if the routplanner gold is something you need.
    But I predict that you will end up getting a gold account as well.


  • One thing to note, is that if you use the route planner and want to use NAV you should be using the gold membership in routeplanner for the HERE map engine. Otherwise, you are planning using open street map and NAV uses HERE map. This leads to conflicts in routes being used properly as you designed them.

  • RouteXperts

    @Matt-Flaming Not if you plan using the Navigation app.

  • @Nick-Carthew said in MRA & Navigation?:

    @Matt-Flaming Not if you plan using the Navigation app.

    I can't even imagine trying to plan with the Nav app all the time. I've done it a couple of times out on the road, but it is not fun. I find the computer much much easier to plan with.

  • RouteXperts

    @Matt-Flaming Undoubtedly the computer is easier for planning on that was never in question. But I do disagree that the Nav app is tricky to plan on.
    No I wouldn’t want to plan a tour across Europe or the States using just the Nav app but basic route planning is easy to achieve.

  • The same for me. planning on the PC is much easier. Maybe because I'm an old gray haired fart. Take my MS Surface with me on vacation. 1cm thick

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