Garmin route uploads...I find that the routes just get corrupted. It appears that the its a known problem

  • Why does it corrupt Garmin routes.? Its not good

  • @Wilde

    Hello @Wilde
    Do you have an example?
    What do you do, and in what order?

  • @Wilde I am sorry and on the risk of sounding very pedantic: with the little amount of information you provide in your title and in your post, nobody can give you a constructive answer. Can you please describe too some detail what you mean?

  • Probably for the same reason Garmin corrupts TomTom routes, and often even Garmin routes... Importing routes from any platform to any platform will introduce "corruption" as you call it. Fact is that any platform will calculate the route between routepoints as it sees fit, given the many parameters like map and settings.

    Mostly I just import a track from the gpx, and redraw the route myself. I think that it works quicker and more certain than any automatic import function.

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