Suggestions for MRA Navigation

  • Re: The Great Suggestion List

    Here are my collected suggestions for MRA Navigation.

    For all navigation users, who sometimes forget to start track recording: Insert a switch at "Record track" settings

    • you set the switch to TRUE and it will always be recorded
    • if you don't need a track recording, you can set the switch to FALSE and only start the recording in the app itself when needed

    Play an MP3 file when approaching a waypoint.
    Optional to the already existing possibilities of different colors and types of waypoints, optionally store an MP3 file.
    This MP3 file will then be played N km before reaching the waypoint. The setting for the kilometers can be stored as default in the settings. Optionally you can store the kilometers at each waypoint.

    In my opinion there is room for improvement in the navigation:

    • the announcement that I am now following N kilometers of a road would not be relevant for navigation and could be optionally omitted.
    • also the multiple announcement of an upcoming action could be optionally restricted.

    In the left part of the display is the gas station symbol showing the distance to the next gas station. That is good.
    Underneath is the red exclamation mark, also with a distance indication. Distances of more than 200 km can also be displayed here.
    Is this useful? Wouldn't it be better to show a few kilometers ahead? Then perhaps even clearer (flashing?) and perhaps with optional acoustic support?

    The display of e.g. the gas stations on the route could be even better perceived with slightly larger symbols...

  • Please please add Fastest vs Shortest option. Cannot believe this is missing!

  • @Stephen-Mell said in Suggestions for MRA Navigation:

    Please please add Fastest vs Shortest option. Cannot believe this is missing!


  • @Mopetenpit

    Good idea to have this list started 🙂

    • For track recording: record everything that is recordable: Not only the position but also datetime, speed...

    • accomodate larger screen form factors (tablets) with extra info on such screens

    • Have it available on a windows 10 platform (Surface Go)

    • One click "speed" menu where we can configure 10 of our preferred instructions in such as "shut up/turn on the navigation voice", or "calculate around roadblock", or "send me to nearest petrol station now" or "start/stop music", "quit route" and move as fast as possible to endpoint (for when I have again been a bit to ambitious in my routeplanning 🙂 )

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