MRA refuses Google adress retrieval price hike

  • @Nick-Carthew part of the problem nick is it just says when you upload it to my satnav it again has just different waypoints...i sometimes like to miss out certain ones and go to specific parts of my route...but i now dont know what one to miss out and the one to next go to on the list of waypoints for if they are all labeled the same. Even just traveling along i like to know were i am heading next to. for me il just revert back to using basecamp for now despite it not being very user i said such a shame and i totaly get that you wont be held to ransome by google..good luck with the future

  • administrator

    Hi David, sad to see you go but as indicated I understand such a choice. We're having a meeting with the team in a few moments in which this case will also be discussed. Thank you for being with us and I hope to welcome you back sooner than later!

    Safe travels!

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA Got to applaud your philosophy as I only use the way points to ensure my sat nav sends me on the route i want to take.

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