feature requests; waypoints

  • A. Most of the waypoints I put on the road when preparing a tip are just that, a waypoint, and at that moment I do not care what name it has, this may come later in the route making process when I am closer to finalising the trip.

    Hence, could we please remove the pop-up at waypoint creation that reads “What do you want to call this waypoint?” and just call it “waypoint” . The option to rename the waypoint is already in the pop up clicking in the “waypoints” menu and it is annoying having to click confirm all the time.

    B. Could we get a magnifying glass on the route page to help putting our waypoints exactly on the road with web MRA.

    I dream of something like: with the magnifying glass option enabled, I click on the road where I want to set a way point, immediately a magnifying glass (2? centimetre diameter) pops up and gives me a 20? meter circle around my click, I click again on the exact spot where I want the waypoint, the magnifying glass disappears, and the waypoint is set.

    That would kill the cumbersome and time consuming process of verifying if each waypoint is exactly on the road, and not in the river next to it (I can’t swim very well, and my motorcycle can’t either).

  • RouteXperts

    @Drabslab In your toolkit, turn off ‘ask for waypoint name’.

  • @Nick-Carthew One question down, one more to go

    Thanks, you obviously know this tool much better than I do.

    Do you have a trick for that magnifying glass as well ?

  • RouteXperts

    @Drabslab You’re welcome. The magnifying glass fully zoom into the route point allowing you to quickly check it’s placement. If you then use either of the arrows ( < previous or next >) you can check all of your route points for accuracy.

  • I'm wondering because in MRA Navigation App there is in settings menue a selectable option, to set WP automatically on a street. But in MRA, I'm missing this option!

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