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    Attention Community,

    In this thread I'd like to take a moment and thank all of the contributors on this forum. I'm especially proud of the healthy and constructive spirit amongst you all. There has yet to be an incident where I've had to intervene, there have been no trolls and no drama thus far. This is a huge success. In addition, the self support section is an outstanding example of community self service. Not only do people help eachother, members are actively on the lookout for questions and to help others as swiftly as possible.

    Thank you all for making this possible.

    Recipient List

    Nick Carthew
    Has continued to show his support for our community answering questions in all parts of the self service section, demonstrating not only willingness to help but an effort that goes beyond the highest expectations. It is no surprise that Nick has the most reputation points and highest post count. This all in addition to his work as a RouteXpert. Thank you Nick

    Hans van de Ven
    An outstanding community member dedicating tremendous amounts of time to the community. Hans creates engagement, answers questions and aside from that finds time to be active as an Instructor and RouteXpert. Hans has the second highest reputation count in the community. Thank you Hans.

    MRA doesn't expect back-patting from Guzzist and we're happy for that because no community can thrive without people that look critically. The key here is that while a critic, Guzzist enshrines an inherently fair attitude: pointing out where problems lie but also giving thanks where it is due. In addition to this, Guzzist has provided a rich amount of suggestions aimed at the improvement of MRA. Thank you Guzzist.

    Reinhard 32
    A knowledgable, organized and effective member of the community whose selfless home is in the Self Service forum. Reinhard takes his time to provide the German community with answers, yet he ventures into the other language Self Service sections as well. Thank you Reinhard.

    Con Hennekens
    In the early days of the forum Con caused much engagement and support for both the community and the MRA team. His award is long overdue. Thank you Con.

    While still wearing the default MRA Community Forum profile picture, Drabslab certainly is no newcomer. He has caused much engagement in the community and takes actively part in discussions. Thank you Drabslab.

    Overview of Award assignment

    Heroic Support Pin@100x.png
    Heroic Support Pin
    When one becomes a Hero of the self service section he or she becomes a beacon of shared wisdom and a figure of authority among peers.

    • Nick Carthew

    Support Pin@100x.png
    Support Pin
    awarded to members who actively contribute to the self service section, selflessly seeking to help members of the community encountering problems or important questions.

    • Hans van de Ven
    • Reinhard 32

    Wheel of Riding@100x.png
    Wheel of Riding
    The Wheel of Riding is awarded to members who help, guide and respond to activity in the "Rides" forum. Both by posting their own ride as well as discussing the rides of others.

    • Nick Carthew

    Community Building star@100x.png
    Community Building Star
    Community builders organize events and create engagement on the forum.

    • Hans van de Ven
    • Nick Carthew
    • Guzzist

    Excellent Contributor Award@100x.png
    Excellent Contributor Award
    Awarded for not only positively contributing and participating, but for doing so in an outstanding and exemplary manner.

    • Hans van de Ven
    • Nick Carthew

    Contributor award@100x.png
    Contributor award
    The Contributor Award is granted to those who contribute positively and participate in the MRA Community Forum.

    • Guzzist
    • Con Hennekens
    • Reinhard-32
    • Drabslab

  • RouteXperts

    Thank you Timo and congratulations to all the other recipients 👏 👏 👏

  • wow, that is a totally unexpected pleasure.

    Thanks a lot

  • Wow, I'm really surprised and feel truly honored. Thank you very much and let me handshake the others. 🤝
    It's like becomming member in a family.

  • RouteXperts

    @Guzzist 🤝 Well done

  • RouteXperts

    @Drabslab Well done 👏

  • Instructor

    Thanks Timo

  • Instructor

    Thanks all to make this forum as it is.

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