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  • I have a problem and probably I do something wrong. I use the Navigation app on my iPhone to ride routes from the library. When I am driving a route, the app indicates at several points a choice to turn into several directions. I cannot see in wich direction the route is heading, so I have to stop frequently to see if I am still driving the original route. Can someone help me ?

  • RouteXperts

    Hello @Canisius. First of all welcome. I have moved your topic to the General Discussion area of this forum. There could be several things that you are doing wrong. Sharing your route here would maybe help find a solution. Make your route's privacy public and paste it's URL here for others to look at.

  • This was my route, but I had it earlier with other routes as well.

    At several points you can choose a direction, but you cannot see what the original route direction is.

  • @Canisius it appears that point 3 and point 18 are not well placed on the road. Point 3 seems to be on the "wrong side" forcing the GPS to make a circle, the same for 18 and 27.

    You really need to zoom in on every poitn to see if it sits correctly.

    Easy trick:

    • click on the first point and something like this appears:


    • zoom in

    with the arrows you can browse from point to point and correct where necessary
    Now look at point 3 when I do that:


    the point is somewhere in the middle and not on the road
    the same for 18


  • RouteXperts

    @Canisius I agree with @Drabslab and have a few more comments.
    You say that you use the Navigation App but you have planned your route using the OpenStreetMap. MRA Navigation will be more accurate if you use the Here map for planning your routes as this is the map that MRA Nav uses.
    Here is a link to your route that I have adjusted and checked and planned using the Here map:;4.7852835059165955;11///
    It has a few more route points and it has been made equal for MRA Navigation, TomTom and Garmin. This is very easy to do if you have the full toolkit that gold members have.
    Do you have a gold account?

  • @Nick-Carthew
    No, I dont have a gold account. I thought this would not be necessary when I am using the Navigation app on my iPhone.

  • RouteXperts

    @Canisius It isn’t necessary but planning routes is so much easier when you have a gold account.

  • @Canisius Well, gold is indeed not mandatory but it makes life much easier for reasons stated below...

    In order to make sure your planned route in the online MRA Routeplanner (or app for that matter) is 'usable' in MRA Navigation, you shall review your route in the in-built route-editor in the MRA Navigation app to verify the placement of waypoints (and ofcourse the correct route calculation itself).

    Without a gold account you cannot plan routes (in the online MRA Routeplanner) in the Here map which is used in MRA Navigation. You shall tweak and/or fine tune the route in the in-built route-editor to make the route final as it calculates the route in the Here map, which you were not able to do before due to your basic account.
    This process is a real pain and very much user unfriendly, but it is do-able.

    For now this is the only way to make sure your OSM planned route is correct for use in MRA Navigation...

    I believe that editing the route in the in-built route editor also changes via points back to shaping points (BUG) and I also believe that skipped/offroad waypoints are set back to normal waypoints as well by the in-built editor (BUG).

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