Wrong position of house numbers in waypoints

  • @all responsables of MyRoute-app:

    I sent this issue several times to you but nothing happened. In countries with german language (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy) it is not allowed to place the house number before the street name.

    Could you please tell me why it seems to be such a big problem that this could not be solved? Please remember: In the beginning time of this app there was no issue with that beacause the adresses have been written correctly. Since several months (now years?) they are displaid in a wrong order. Every time when I plan a trip for our group I have to re-edit all the waypoints!!!

    I request you to correct this issue now!

    Thank you.



  • How do you suggest this to be solved ? On some "ruling local language" property ? Do you have knowledge of such a property in any map material ? And what do you do with the Belgian Eastern Cantons (where German is spoken, but that rule you mention doesn't apply as far as I know)

  • @FloMZ74

    I never heard about this problem, and frankly, why is it a problem?

    I expect that as long as all needed info is somewhere in the address description, we can find the place.

    By the way, I am not one of the responsables of MyRoute-app

    PS: Italy (except south Tirol) is not speaking a germanic language but a romanic one. Switserland is multi lingual (German, French, Italian and Romansh).

  • @Drabslab
    This issue has been mentioned and answered in the Dutch part of this forum. (click)
    But I read the last sentence of TS: "I request you to correct this issue now!".
    And that keeps me from answering 😲 👶

    My interpretation of the answer at the time:
    This is provided by the card provider.
    It's not impossible to adjust that.
    That is an MRA choice, and there is also a cost associated with it, which is retrieved for data every time a route point is placed or moved.
    But I think it's up to MRA to respond.
    Moreover, TS has already raised this before and received an answer. (click)

  • @Jack-van-Tilburg said in Wrong position of house numbers in waypoints:

    And that keeps me from answering 😲 👶

    Haha! Ya, I'm could not have agreed with you any more... 😁

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