Transfer from MRA to ZUMO XT, working from MacBook

  • @Albert-Renting said in Transfer from MRA to ZUMO XT, working from MacBook:

    I've tried this and it seems to work!
    I have to place these .gpx files in a directory where I can find them with the (in Dutch) 'bestanden' app and then I can send them to the Drive app and then that app will send the .gpx files to my ZUMO XT.

    Thanks for the tip!

    If the above means you are using an iPad then use the Chrome Browser.
    This will allow you to simply download the GPX Beta XT file and then once it it downloaded it will automatically give you the “Open In” prompt where you can select the Garmin Drive App.
    If the Drive App is not showing the first time you do this select “More” and choose the Drive App.
    It will then always be available.

    Safari will force you to save the file to a location and will not give you the prompt to “Open In”.
    Therefore you have to go looking for the file.

  • @Steve-Lynch Thanks, but I'm not using an iPad, I'm using a MacBook and an iPhone to transfer the gpx file to my Garmin XT
    Alas, this Garmin Drive App is only available for iPhone and iPad 😞

  • Likewise I was having issues with transferring routes from my iMac to my Zumo XT.

    Option One:
    Copying and pasting the .gpx file using Android file transfer didn't work for me, the Zumo didn't report a new route being imported or show it in my saved routes. (Perhaps you have to put this route in a specific folder?)

    Option Two:
    Use the Export function, failed, got the following error:
    "Device could not be found or written to. Please confirm that the device is actually connected and working properly"

    It was and is, but didn't transfer!

    Option Three:
    Save as as .gpx 1.0 (track. POI), find saved .gpx file, email to myself, open email on iPhone, Send to Garmin Drive, Open Zumo XT, import new track, convert track to route.

    This works but when you go to access the route it says "Editing this trip will discard the current route settings and calculate a standard route"
    It seems to give you a good route but it's lost the waypoints, however it is an accurate route.

    Option Four:
    Export as .gpx 1.0 (route, track, POI), (Then follow the same procedure of email to yourself, Garmin Drive etc) when imported it recalculates the route but does seem to retain the route chosen and the waypoints.

    If I change waypoints to shaping points will it still 'force the Zumo to pick a route I've plotted (as long as I add enough points)?

    Note: I also tried taking it back into Basecamp and transferring to the Zumo but this gave me weird and crazy routes. I think this might have been a mismatch between the maps as I've just been able to transfer the map to my iMac. This ability had been missing until recently from Garmin Express.

  • @Albert-Renting

    In theory you could use MRA Web on Chrome on the iPhone and the Garmin Drive App on your iPhone to do the transfer using the GPX1.1 (BETA Route, Track, POI)
    Plan on the MacBook, switch to the iPhone to do the transfer.
    Use the Chrome Browser as Safari will not give you the “Open In” option for the GPX file and will force you to “Save to Files”.

    If you need to create a collection on the XT you have to do it using the Explore Website not the Explore App and you must also have the Garmin Drive App open as well.
    Then on the XT if you “Sync” using Explore the collection you created on will pull into the XT.
    Why we can’t just create a Collection directly on the XT is ridiculous. 🤨

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