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  • Is it my imagination or is it no longer possible to zoom out in the Navigation app? I have previously suggested an ‘overview’ button be incorporated in future updates, but as it stands zooming is (was) the only way to see an overview of the route in progress ie where you are now, how far of the you have you completed etc. I am using iPhone 7 so it may just be a problem for Apple. If the zoom function has recently been omitted can it be reinstated asap please?

    Also, I notice that you now have to input the number of route point skips, whereas previously the default was 1. This was quite useful as it was possible to skip with a single touch, or to repeat this until the desired number of skips is achieved. A ‘skip’ button on the main screen would be better.

  • @David-Bonner, I was testing this behavior because I could not imagine to be true what you describe 😉 I work with Android. First I did not see the problem you describe. Then I closed the App and searched for updates, which there were none. Then I reopened a route and saw that the map keeps "jumping back" to the auto-zoom position when you try to zoom in or out. I am guessing this is what you see? Closing and re-opening the App and route got rid of this problem. So it looks like a "one time for another" kind of problem. I am writing this in the hopes that dev or support picks this up.

  • Thanks for looking at this.

    Zooming Navigation is a persistent problem on my iPhone 7. I can zoom other apps such as Google Maps by 'pinching' or double tapping the screen, so it is not a problem with the phone or phone settings. In fact I can zoom the map in MRA Navigation when a route is first loaded, but as soon as I use the route for navigation it is impossible to zoom out - to see an overview. I can move the position of the map, but it is impossible to change the scale. As a workaround I can Exit the route, which gives an overview (and from memory progress along the route) and start again from the next route point.

    It may be an iPhone problem only, so hopefully support will look into it. We really do need an 'Overview' button on the main screen.

  • @David-Bonner in my MRA Navigation app, which is the latest available Android version I can still zoom with the methods described. Pinching. Don't know the cause for your issues though. 😭

  • RouteXperts

    @David-Bonner I have an iPhone 11 and do not have the same problem that you mention. Pinch to expand or zoom works perfectly well.

  • @Nick-Carthew Ok, it may just be my phone. However it is not a big problem, as I only really use the zoom as a workaround to get an overview of a route in progress. Hopefully we will have an 'overview' button in a future release. Thanks for looking at it.

  • @StefanHummelink Thanks for looking into this for me - see my reply to Nick below.

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