MRA Navigation maps are barren?

  • I have a new Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 that I plan to use as my primary device to load custom routes and track new routes on.

    In my initial testing, driving my car to work, I realized that the maps don't show any detail and most of the time it didn't show any roads at all ahead of me and I am in a busy part of Pennsylvania that is well mapped and has great satellite coverage.

    It would be great if we could specify the level of detail or the map to use. Also I realize there is no slider to set the zoom level and force the map to stay at that zoom level.

    Am I missing something?


  • @Joe-Adam I think you are missing a lot. 🙂

    The maps are fully detailed and the Here and TomTom maps available on MRA are the same used by Garmin and TomTom navigation devices.

    Are you using the MRA navigation software?

  • @Drabslab Yes, I am using the app. I will grab some screenshots and post them. I have only tested with my SUV but when driving down a highway, I am used to seeing the highway name and when I am on a road, I expect to see the names of the roads ahead of me.

    My MC bracket for the Samsung is due in a couple of days so I can test it the following weekend when riding.

    I downloaded the entire United States worth of maps to see if that helps.


  • I did notice that I do see road names, just not as often as I am used to.

    Also, if I turn off 3D mode, I do so a lot more road names so I think that will work.


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