MRA Video is now available!

  • May be I'm to dumb - I bought MRA Video today but have no idea where to find and how to see it.
    Any Suggestions?

  • @Oscar-Segura sorry - found it..

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA Thank you for your comprehensive and well-considered response. You make some very valid point such as Relive works only for tracks and MRA video gives a complete overview of the route. However, being flexible is key and as a motorcyclist, I have used Relive even though it was developed for cyclists and it actually works really well for motorcycle riders. It haven't found it to be erratic at all, but instead the Relive moving pointer is mesmerising as it makes you think about the way the route was ridden, especially on steep gradients with lots of hairpin bends. The best thing about Relive is that moving pointer and I don't agree with your comment about motorcycle riders making longer trips as this really doesn't make any difference to how Relive works. I will try to find a way to upload to here a Relive video for a long motorcycle ride and you will see what I mean.

    Also, I can already produce something similar (without the photos) as MRA Video by exporting my planned route as a kml file and import it into Google Earth to get the route overview on a terrain map in a way that is very similar to MRA Video. Okay, it doesn't automatically move, but if I am examining the route to see what it will be like, that doesn't really matter.

    If only MRA video could have somehow combined the best features of Relive with route planning. Yes, I agree Relive only have one product and have been around for some time, but MRA have the opportunity to do something better than Relive. It would be great if you took that opportunity and created something really exciting that really entertained users in a way that was better than Relive. But, that is for the future, as I suggest there are more important things to tackle first than MRA video.

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA I use Relive also for my motorcycle tours. And it works good. What are the features of MRA Video that are different from Relive? The teaser video shows nothing and i did not find any announcements which includes a feature-list.
    I also would prefer a 1 month testing period which costs nothing to take a look( Relive for example does this ).
    Because i am very dissapointed that MRA-Navigation has no updates and bug fixing for over 1 year, i am very careful not to buy a cat in the sack.

  • @Ruediger-Hoffner I couldn't find any examples either, so I asked. They are very well hidden! Under "Profile" go to "Video", that's where you can get started with MRA Video!

  • @Guy-Perrin idem ! +1 ;-(. why we pay the gold ???

  • This post is deleted!

  • And just to throw another option into the mix regarding ReLive, the full Ordinance Survey Web App (Paid Subscriction Required) (Not available in the mobile Apps) has a “Fly Through” option that tracks any route of any length. Not just Green Lanes however, as you can import any GPX file into the Web App and it will give distance and elevation data for the whole route as it tracks the journey.
    Doesn’t automatically generate a video though but using “Request Desktop” I can record it on my iPad Pro.
    Example by OS Maps

    Obviously this is UK Only and unfortunately terms of conditions dictate that you are not allowed to Screen Capture the Fly Through.

    I would happily pay a subscription for similar functionality in MRA.

  • @Gary-France To be honest I am very disappointed of MRA Video functionality. I expected something similar to Relive or better Ride command / video from Indian. Sorry it is unusable comparing to other similar apps.

  • @Gary-France is a short ride in France with relive.
    I think we should build a wish list.
    Id prefer this sort of video and show all images in a slide show at the location, don't keep zooming out and back in again each slide.

  • @Maurice-Smith is another route in spain with images. see the difference from this.

    and who picks the music?


  • @Maurice-Smith
    you know I hate paying to beta test!!

    the provided share link above to the MRA video doesn't work!!

    it says there are no videos but there are. ( probably a permission thing. ) to share you need the download link.. which plays it( you need another click to download!)

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA

    Hi Timo,

    I just have a MRA (planner) lifetime subscription, So cannot determine what MRA Video exactly does and is capable to do. If there would be a free of charge (temp) subscription possibility, that might be helpful, even from commercial perspective.


  • administrator

    Thank you for that beautiful video of your tour and the offered ideas. We're gathering a lot of feedback right now, which is pretty much both 1) better explanation of what MRA Video is, does and how it works and 2) gathering a community wishlist.

    @Dragbert we're working on that. Once available, we'll let everyone know through the forum.

  • So I was looking to find a trial period for MRA Video.
    Came across a "Purchase Directly" button somewhere. I have no idea how I got there!
    Clicked it expecting it to open a page with more options, nothing happened so I clicked it again.
    Turns out that button is a one click purchase!
    Probably needs an "Are you sure" type pop-up.
    Can an MRA Admin please confirm that I have not been charged twice.
    Happy to go with one sub for MRA Video (for now) however, I do have to agree with the comment "Paying to Beta Test" mentioned earlier.

    Things that need to be sorted.

    1. Video will not download on iPad Pro.(Web page in Chrome) iPads have have had local storage for some time now, please make that available via the share. I do all my video editing on my iPad Pro in Luma Fusion
    2. Ability to change KM/H and KM to MPH and Miles.
    3. All MRA video text should default to the the users nationality i.e.. Route Gegevens (Route Data)
    4. Can we please have the ability to add "Moments" (Photos) in MRA directly linked to a waypoint. I have MRA Navigation but I use a Tom Tom Rider 550 and my phone is always linked to my Tiger 900 Rally Pro to control my Go Pro from the handlebars.

    Wish List.

    1. Ability to import own Audio at Render stage. Obviously I can strip it out in Luma Fusion.
    2. This one is a deal breaker for me so I'm adding it here too. 😊
      Can we please have the ability to add "Moments" (Photos) in MRA directly linked to a waypoint. I have MRA Navigation but I use a Tom Tom Rider 550 and my phone is linked to my Tiger 900 Rally Pro to control my Go Pro from the handlebars. The phone always sits in its own powered cradle under the pillion seat. (Brilliant idea Triumph 👍 )
    3. Can you not take the Highest/Lowest Elevation from the recently added elevation data directly in MRA?

    That's it, for now.



  • administrator

    Hi Steve,

    I've verified with the team and it shouldn't be a "Purchase Directly" button with a one-click purchase, if it is, that's on us. You can always reach out to the team for a refund since MyRouteApp would never endorse catch-click sales.

    Aside from this, I've noted your comments for the backlog.

    As for your wish list, just some clarification:

    1. You mean to upload MP3's, so that you could use them on your track? Sounds great, we'd have to check with legal to make sure that uploading licenced audio for use under your video's falls under Fair Usage licencing (to avoid us getting hit with Cease-and-Desist letters from the media bigwigs)
    2. If you open your track in "my tracklogs"you can already upload moments, isn't this what you mean? As for how MRA Video handles these moments, we've noted some points for improvement.
    3. We hear this one a lot, we'll definitely check it out.

    Kind regards,


  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA

    Thanks for the response Timo,
    Regarding the Video Subscription I’m ok with that as long as its just one subscription as I had pressed the button a couple of times.
    Regarding Number 2, no that is not what I meant. I never record track logs as I use a Rider 550 all the time on all my bikes.
    What I’m asking is if it’s possible to add a photo to a MRA Route waypoint that I have planned just so I can use parts of the downloaded MRA video embedded into my YT Channel. Also regarding the audio forget that one for the render stage it would be a Copyright Nightmare for you. I can do that in the downloaded version myself.


  • administrator

    @Steve-Lynch Hi Steve and thanks for getting back to me,

    You can't add pictures to waypoints at this time, but perhaps this is a good idea for the future especially since there could now be an additional reason due to MRA Video.

    There is a workaround available right now though: if you convert your route into a tracklog, you can add photo's (moments) to it and add it in MRA Video.

    As for the audio, we're still going to check 😊 if it's not too much of a problem, then we'd gladly add it.

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA
    Thanks for workaround Timo. 👍

  • Hello,
    Not sure if this is right place to ask this but here it goes 🙂
    The waypoint I designed show properly hightgraph but when MRA Video is generated both highest and lowest points are showing zero. Is this a bug or I'm doing something wrong?
    In addition, it would be nice if people which pay for subscription will have option to include or not MRA Route logs from generated video.
    Thank you,
    Janusz Rychter

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