Changing Route Half Way

  • I have two routes saved to the same destination. They both follow the same path half way, then they split one route is shorter, but I wanted to go the long way round. Having realised that I had initially chosen the shorter route by mistake, I stopped and loaded the longer route, As I expected it wanted to send me to waypoint one (starting point). But I thought that once I hit the next waypoint (11) it would then know to skip all previous waypoints, but no it continued to route me back to the start, I passed waypoints 12-16 by then it was telling me I had over 3hrs to my destination instead of the 15mins I new it was, I then stopped and manually skipped all the previous waypoint just leaving the final waypoint 17 (destination) and then it worked. Any ideas why auto skipping failed on this occasion. Regards Peter.

  • RouteXperts

    @Peter-87 You probably had ‘Navigate via start’ selected. You can turn this off after selecting your route. Choose ‘Edit route settings’ then turn off Navigate via start and then save and close.

  • @Nick-Carthew Thanks I'll give it a try. Regards Peter.

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