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    Today I realized that the world is returning to a semblance of normalcy. Sure, governments are still enforcing measures across the globe with each country applying their own flavor variations, but that was to be expected. Nobody with the slightest grasp of how governments work expected our presidents, kings and prime ministers to suddenly declare the end of lockdown measures. We all knew that society would be expected to follow a steady yet cautious path towards freedom.

    At the end of this ride we’ll have a collective memory of an event that will forever leave its’ mark on every generation alive today. The severity of loss during these times may never be underplayed, nor the uncertainty in the lives of those whose jobs now no longer exist. This memory will surely dictate how we’ll shape the future, what legacy we’ll leave for those to come. Will we allow tomorrows’ children to hold hands, tussle in the schoolyard and play contact sports? Will we allow ourselves to shake hands upon doing business and once more to embrace good friends and loved ones? Only time will tell.

    For the time being, I’d like to cherish the freedoms that have been regained. There’s no doubt about the joy of being able to go out on a trip again, even if some measures remain in place. Even now, there’s freedom to be found on the road that can only be hampered by an empty petrol tank. With the wind in your back, the sun’s heat on your face and mountains rising ahead the world certainly seems reassuringly unchanged. One must hope that whatever change is inevitable, that this will be change for the better.

    As for MyRoute-app, we’ve luckily been able to get through relatively unscathed. With swift decision-making we were able to continue our work from the safety of our homes. Things have changed, but in the end we’re coming out stronger than before. It was a conscious decision to close our office, to embrace working from home with effective management and to be flexible with any measure thrown at us. I have no doubt that our team is coming out stronger from this than we went in: with better expectations of one another, with the right tools to continue working even when we can’t physically see one another and to work productively from home.

    If you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to then stay tuned. We haven’t sat still and the coming period will see many exciting announcements from our team, the most recent of which has been the addition of the long promised height-profile on your routes. We’ll be hosting webinars to give people the tools to start making amazing routes again. We’ll also continue to support our Instructors and their clubs, some of whom have already indicated that they want to organize events. Whatever the future holds, MyRoute-app will be there. Here's to that future 🍻 .

    We thank you for your continued support. May you enjoy many safe travels.

    Your community manager,

    Timo Martosatiman

  • RouteXperts

    @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA Wise words Timo and I raise my glass to you and ALL of the other MRA staff and look forward to an exciting future. 🥃 Cheers

  • administrator

    Thank you @Nick-Carthew

  • Thank you dear.

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA Thanks a lot for the positive vibe, we can certainly use it.

    And yuo do make ius curious about what's next 🙂

  • Instructor

    Nice words Timo, let's hope that we can and may travel again soon. Fortunately, the MRA Team has also chosen to implement "Working from home", so that development and support can continue unabated. I enjoyed the live broadcast. Top!

  • Thanks for the inspiring words Timo. Let's hope we will be able to cross borders again soon. At the moment it is no fun to score a snack on the way and I do my laps within the national borders and alone. I'm curious about what's coming within MRA.

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