SCMA Four Corners Ride Planned

  • I am planning a group ride for the SCMA Four Corners Tour. This is not for the faint of heart and definitely requires a considerable amount of your time. Details and planning progressions can be found at Please register ASAP as planning ahead on travel like this is extremely important.

    Your ride begins with designed travel to SoFla. You need an oil change while there. We then ride to Key West, FL on July 10th to prepare for the first day. July 11th at 12:05 AM we will leave from America's southern most point to Madawaska, ME. After that second corner, we take the Trans Canada Highway all the way across to Blaine, WA for the third corner. At least four days are planned for the west coast with elaborate riding opportunities on our way to San Ysidro, the final corner of the official ride.

    A riding plan to return home is started, but will require customization for your specific destination. A highlight of the main plan includes the Coronado Trail, a fantastic ride in eastern Arizona. The total ride will exceed 10,000 miles and your bike should be prepped for it accordingly. Details, reminders, and suggestions are mailed out occasionally to insure that you are ready for this great adventure.

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    Hi Lee, what a great initiative!

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