Great suggestion list proposals for the user interface.

  • With the disclaimer that what I see as a simplificaiton may not be that simple for anyone else.Said differently these proposalas are for the Great Suggestion List but may not be that great themselves.

    All remarks are related to the web interface of MRA, I have no experience with the navigation app.

    P1: Combine the user MRA account with the user MRA profile, with the forum profile, and the user achievements page into a single user profile with the necessary options for en(dis)abling visibility and so on.

    P2: Move the user blog of MRA to the forum.

    I love the folder approach that I find under the MRA Routes button and would support that it is used throughout MRA.

    P3: Can you integrate the folder structures that we find under the MRA Routes and Tracklogs buttons into a single folder structure. Tracks should have a different symbol in the folder compared to routes so that we can make the distinction easily. It would allow to have the prepared routes and the effectively driven tracks in the same folder.

    Additional question: what is the difference between route tracks and tracklogs? Do we need that distinction?

    P4: Is it possible to add points of interest as seperate files in a route folder. Clicking on such file would open a window showing all details of the poi and give the option to add it to an already open route. For one holiday I would then have all the routes, and all the point of Interest that I want to visit in a single folder, and be able to upload all of them in one go to my TomTom. Sounds like heaven.

    As side remark: favorites seem nothing more than personal points of interest. There could be a hierarchy of Poi starting with favorites (only visible to myself), visible to my friends, visible to the whole of MRA, or imported from elsewhere.

    P5: can you combine the "rides" from the forum with the "my vehicle" of the MRA route-app. Going completely wild on this one we could start creating a database of motorcyle/car models and brands.

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    Thanks, I assume that Timo will include this in the list, whether it will actually be implemented remains to be seen. 😉

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