Routing preferences perhaps?

  • So, I cannot get MRA-Web to choose to route things the way I would prefer. It is always throwing in U-turns that I don't want in the middle of my route. For example, I just built this route and put a waypoint just past the intersection of the first road and just past the intersection of the next. These are waypoints 3 and 4 on this image. Instead of going between the two, it u-turns and goes back out on the other road, down to the freeway, then back up to the 4th waypoint and uturns and comes back. I cannot seem to find a way to make it create the right route here without throwing in excess waypoints in the middle of every road.


    DQ Route 3 - Leg 1.png

  • RouteXperts

    Hi @Steve-Koinm. Without seeing the complete route, I suspect that the route points are not accurately placed on the roads. If you can share the route on here I’ll be able to point you in the right direction. Make the route public, and copy and paste it here.

  • RouteXperts

    @Steve-Koinm Move route point 3 further along Gene Campbell Rd.

  • I do see that it does eventually make it work once you have moved it far enough down the road. However, I don't like to move it too far down the road. The reason is that I'm doing this as a Road Captain with 20+ bikes following and I'm trying to see the next steps past this very quickly after having rounded the corner. When it is closer, I have that info by the time my sweep has called back that we have cleared the turn. Where I had to put it, I have to go into maneuvers and look ahead while making the turn, talking to my other RC's, and signaling for 1-up/2-up or whatever.

    I guess what I'd like to see happen is that a route that has waypoints like what I showed originally would not choose to have me U-turn and come back down the same road I just went down. I'm not sure why it wanted me to do that except having a huge preference for getting me to the freeway? I'm just looking for the logic that would cause it to route the way it did.

    I don't see anywhere that I can choose Fastest/Shortest/Twisty/Scenic, etc.

    I just dropped it into the MRA-Navigate app and without moving that waypoint it does go the expected directions without setting any of the Avoid's within the route settings. I guess what I'm seeing is only happening on the Web interface.

  • RouteXperts

    Hi @Steve-Koinm. MRA Nav app uses the Here map. Your route was made on the OpenStreetMap. It’s advisable to use the Here map for use with MRA Nav.
    While I was looking at your route, I noticed that it was only the OpenStreetMap that choose to use the freeway.
    Do you have a Gold account and access to the Here map?

  • administrator

    @Steve-Koinm Hi Steve, as @Nick-Carthew pointed out it's better to use the HERE map when building routes for the Navigation app. Placing waypoints in the places where the route calculates accordingly is neccecary for optimal routing. It has everything to do with how each map handles calculating routes.

    Now on to your issue: you want to have information available as you travel. I have some suggestions that might help out there:

    1. consider adding additional waypoints after the route "looks" right. these waypoints can be your informative waypoints
    2. alternatively, consider using POI's. Some navigation devices support these as they show up and allow you to get more information in a structured format.

    Kind regards,


  • @Nick-Carthew I do not have the Gold account so I am not using the Here maps. But I do understand your point. The problem with many of these navigation things is how different maps handle different things. Other tools I use have the same problems. The online system uses Here maps while the built in nav in the bike is using Naviteq maps (older ones especially). I'll look at the Gold service and see about upgrading.

  • RouteXperts

    @Steve-Koinm I'm sure you won't regret upgrading. There are lots of great tools to use along with all of the different maps. It's the price of a tank and a half of gas! Cheap as chips as we say on this side of the pond 👍

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