Suggestion: "Save As" CoPilot 9 .trp format

  • Hi,
    Not sure if i am an outlier here, but i am a massive fan of CoPilot on Android for my GPS navigation, but for some reason it only supports its own .trp route format.
    At present i have to download my routes as one of the other formats and use "RouteConverter" to save them as .trp files. Which then work perfectly.

    Unfortunately CoPilot have been less than helpful, this is whats in their own documentation regarding other formats:
    "Download and install a program to convert the file format .kml to .trp, which is compatible with CoPilot. (You can find software online to do this such as ITN Converter or RouteConverter.)"

    Would anyone else find native support for the CoPilot format usefull?

  • RouteXperts

    @Mark-Davies-0 You might do better if you asked this on a co-pilot forum!

  • administrator


    Hi Mark,

    While I'm unfamiliar with CoPilot, MRA does its' best to provide a solution for everyone. This means we try to support as many third party formats as possible (it was one of the key features when we launched back in 2013). Sadly, not all parties use Off The Shelf standards.

    I'll write this one down as a suggestion on the suggestion list. It might be easy to implement or really really hard, completely depending on how well documented the standard is and how easy we can pick a similar standard for the base conversion.

    Thank you for your suggestion.

  • @Mark-Davies-0
    I’m a CoPilot user as well and I think, CoPilot should use the most common GPX data format instead of her own and rarely used .trp format.

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