New Suggestion for MRA Navigaton: track statistic

  • In MRA or MRA Navigation, screen track Statistik, informs about several values like duration, average speed etc.

    On road, during track recording, you may pause recording (may at lunch break)...

    ...but this will not affect track statistik. Means pause time is included in average speed.

    It will be more convenient if MRA track Statistik could be enhanced like Garmin Basecamp with separated calculation about in moove or in pause:

    Please can this suggestion be placed at "The great suggestion list"

  • administrator

    @Guzzist Thank you for your suggestion, will add it to the suggestion list.

    From a design perspective I have to say though that I really dislike how steep and complex the basecamp data looks. While I will directly agree that it'd be important for people who like such complexity to be able to view this, I will most certainly try to improve the visual presentation of this. Especially in an app it's important to view things as efficiently as possible. Perhaps a solution would be to be able to download or open a data-pdf for a more in depth look.

    Your general point: lunch pauses should not be included in total duraction and averages, is of course correct.

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