Why pay also for MRA-navigation app when you have a Goldmembership lifetime?

  • See the question in the title.
    Can somebody tell me if this is correct?
    I have also send a e-mail with this question but didn't get any feedback jet and i'm going for a trip on wednesday.

    So to make it clear:
    i have paid for the my-route app gold Lifetime.
    So i have got a confirmation of it by e-mail, so that is ok and everything is working on the my-route app on PC and everything.
    But when i open the myroute navigation app to start riding it says i have to pay € 39,95 for 3-years?
    IS this correct? if it is i feel a little shit about it.
    but can somebody please tell me the answers.

    thank you guys in advance.


  • @Mark-v it is correct, the Navigation app is a separate app with its own subscription. You bought a lifetime license for the routeplanner, not for Navigation.

    The All-in-one package is the only subscription that incorporates the routeplanner and the navigation app...

  • @Mark-v. Stefan is correct. However starting from last week it is possible to subscribe monthly, for just the months you wish. Check the shop. In my opinion it is totally worth it!

  • Two different apps.
    And both worth this money 🙂

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