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  • My access to the forum from my own computer(s) and phone are down for almost 3 months now, and no reaction from support to my ticket for the past 45 (or something) days now.


  • RouteXperts

    @Callewaert-Francky You have access now so I would think that the problem lies with your home computer. There are no connection issues for other users.
    Try to explain your problem in detail and I will try and help you.

  • @Nick-Carthew-RouteXpert Hai Nick,

    It's a long story,I don't remember every detail anymore but it more or less goes as follows:

    I made a "travel story" and a "my ride" story early September as I had the funny idea back then to turn this forum into my on-line motorcycle hang-out.. When I tried to enter one of these I concluded I could not browse through the forum anymore (the rest is working perfectly).

    I entered a support ticket and a few days later a staff member responded that the issue was solved. I responded that this was incorrect which I added to the open ticket.

    This happened a second time and then I responded with screenshots, and by detailing the error warnings I was getting in my browser debugging tools.

    Nevertheless the ticket was closed.

    I immediately opened a second ticket to which I got a response from the owner of myrouteapp and from one of the lead developers that it was all the fault of Microsoft and I had to move to using another browser.

    I don't have any problem with any other site, and myrouteapp itself works as it is supposed to do. I now tried 3 different browsers (none were chrome as I don't want this spy machine on my computer) on two different computers and a phone and the forum does not work on either of these.

    I tried emailing the owner directly but no response either. This seems to be rather poor service to a client that forked out a considerable amount of cash for a lifetime membership.

    On top of this, I do notice that the myrouteapp staff, and owner, are surprisingly absent from the forum since +/- 1 November. I hope that everything is fine with the people building this software but I have taken the precaution not to clean and upload my life-long touring data as was my original intention.

    I continue storing everything on my home pc as I always did. I don't want to run the risk of losing the connection to my travel data and not getting any support for 3 or more months.

    Strangely enough, I can access from a colleagues computer, which I am doing now.

    In any case, thank you for offering to help.

  • RouteXperts

    @Callewaert-Francky I can understand your frustration and I feel for you. The forum was set up as a community forum where ordinary users of MRA can discuss matters and help each other out, this is why you don't see much activity on here from MRA staff.
    Logic is telling me that if you can log in to your forum account on a 3rd party computer, then the problem must be some settings within your pc. Have you tried deleting your account and re-joining? Or even opening up a new forum account with a new username and password?

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