set crouse speed for camper routes

  • Hi,

    I have been making routes for the camper for a long time with Route app (started with Tyre 😀 ) . And I love it!!
    What I miss when making the route in the planner, is calculation the route with the cruising speed. I can't set the speed to 100 km/hr (example) for camper.
    For this reason I unfortunately do not use My Route navigation. 😞
    I hope this can be added in the future. 👍

    Saskia Vader.

  • That is a great idea, and I have submitted my wish for maximum slopes last year as well. That would make it a great navigation tool for caravans and campers indeed. On the other hand if you add about 20% to the traveltime you are pretty safe I guess.

  • RouteXperts

    @Saskia-Vader It's a great idea but as @Con-Hennekens you could add a % of time to your overall route time. I will also add that most GPS devices including MRA Navigation over estimate the time of a route, your ETA is constantly updated as you progress along your route.

  • @Nick-Carthew & @Con-Hennekens Thank you for your reaction

    Good tip to calculate --% extra. 😉
    But, when I make a route of 3 to 4 weeks traveling every day, I prefer the software calculate for me. 😊
    Every country in Europe has its own speed limit, in France the speed is 130 km/hr. The profit when you can use a camper preset, the software / navigation will select automaticly a route thats shorter or quicker than the “curve” of the highway (mostly payed).
    A camper preset is really ideal, just like the current preset of the bike or walking. 😊


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