Problem editing routes.

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    Problem creating and editing routes!

    Sunday 23 May at 12.45 pm. There seems to be a malfunction with the placement of waypoints. We will solve it as soon as possible.

    Probleem met routes maken en bewerken!

    Zondag 23 mei om 12.45 uur. Er lijkt een storing te zijn met het plaatsen van routepunten. We lossen het zo spoedig mogelijk op.

    Probleme beim Erstellen und Bearbeiten von Routen!

    Sonntag, 23. Mai um 12.45 Uhr. Es scheint eine Fehlfunktion bei der Wegpunktplatzierung zu geben. Wir werden es so schnell wie möglich lösen.

  • It is a database problem, it can take a while, we working hard on it to solve it fast!

  • I was just coming to post that I can edit routes, see the route list update on my MRA Nav, but tapping on the route prompts "An error occurred while connecting to the server". Old routes that I have not updated today seem to be working, but anything I have edited today is unusable in Nav.

    EDIT: I have tested Android and iOS and this only appears to happening on Android (3 different devices). iOS (2 different devices) appears to be working fine.

  • It works again ! Many thanks for your hard work 😉
    Best regards from Paris.

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