Problem with garmin navigator VI

  • Hello,

    I would like to understand why when I import a new route on my Garmin, it recalculates the route and does not respect the different waypoints.
    The route becomes different and does not follow the initial route I had planned on MyRoute.

    Should I make a track first and calculate the route later?
    or can I import it directly into the planner?

    Thanks for your help

    I have prepared 4200 kms of roads in France over 10 days and I'm leaving next Tuesday .... I'm worried


  • Instructor

    Export the route with the connector and choose the right gpx file. Then open the track on your device and transfer the track to a route.

  • Thanks Hans

    That's what I'll do

    But with this method, if I take a wrong way, I can't ask the GPS to bring me back on the right road...

    I think it's a pity that the VIA function doesn't correspond to the obligatory waypoints on the garmin, as in basecamp.

    Thanks again for your help


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