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  • Hi people,

    Can you tell me how long you take to ride a route you made? I've just made a route of 117km. When I select OpenStreetMap, it says it will take 2h 16min. When I select TomTom the route is 125 km and it will take me 2h 48min. When I select HERE Garmin the route is 117km and it will take me 3h 9min. I've compared the routes in the toolkit, and they are completely the same. Which estimation do you find to be the most true? (We ride in a group with different devices, that's why I always compare the route with all the other options. I always make the route in TomTom because this offers the most expansive toolkit.)

  • I wish I knew the answer to this ! I have noticed a significant difference between time estimates given on HERE routes created on MRA and the time estimates on my Garmin Sat Nav device. For local runs it's not much of a problem but it becomes a bit of a worry when devising much longer trips.
    It can be awkward when setting time deadlines for hotels etc.
    Maybe we should do what Peter Fonda did at the beginning of Easy Rider, and just throw away your watch, wish I could ?

  • RouteXperts

    Hi @Dirk-de-Kruif. Each map supplier will use a different set of algorithms to calculate distance and time, this is why you see a difference between the maps. I'm sure that they all add a little extra time for unforseen circumstances too. Some devices also make allowances for traffic dependant on the time of day. Whatever device you use though, it will constantly update you on arrival time as you progress.

  • I was also wondering this, because I made a route in MyRoute that took 8 hrs, then when I transferred it to my Tom Tom it showed it as 10 hrs but yet showed the same distance within a couple of miles. Not sure if there's a way to fix this but I would imagine if I were using the navigation part of MR then the accuracy might not be there. If anyone knows a fix to this let me know.

  • I have a Garmin Zümo595, and noticed the same things. All travel times differ, some of which differ significantly. But my Zümo is quite consistently showing the time I'm really on the road (not counting stop, logically)...

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