Transfer from MRA to ZUMO XT, working from MacBook

  • Who can advise me on the most practical way to transfer routes, including POI and via points from MyRoute-app to my ZUMO XT.
    I'm working from a MacBook so my ZUMO XT is not recognized on my laptop.
    I would prefer not to work via BaseCamp.
    When I use Explore I can't impost the .gpx file as a route as it apparently contains too many points that are then reduced to 200 points.
    If I use the .gpx 1.1 (route, track, POI) option and I import as track in Explore, the route doubles in length.
    If I use the .gpx 1.1 (track, POI) option I only get the track, no via points

    These data gets transferred by means of Garmin Drive.

    I read somewhere that is should be possible to open a mail attachment with Garmin Drive, but how is that accomplished on an iPhone?
    I can't find that option for opening a mail attachment.

    Who can help me out?

  • @Albert-Renting
    Ich have an I-Pad and I use it for route planning and route transfer via Garmin drive app to my ZumoXT.
    Since the new beta GPX Protocol is available I use it from now. It works good for me and the route is identical to the MyrouteApp calculation. But the import into the Garmin takes much longer than before.
    If you have an IPhone you can open the route and save it to your phone. It will be stored in the download folder. Then send the route via share to the garmin drive app.

  • @Reinhard-32
    I've tried this and it seems to work!
    I have to place these .gpx files in a directory where I can find them with the (in Dutch) 'bestanden' app and then I can send them to the Drive app and then that app will send the .gpx files to my ZUMO XT.

    Thanks for the tip!

  • Instructor

    Hi Albert,

    Do you have the latest version of the connector? Try removing the current one so that a new one has to be installed.

  • @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master I installed the latest version of the connector, but my MacBook doesn't see the Garmin XT as a drive and therefore the connector can't write to my Garmin XT.
    I think the way I described works best sofar. It seems like a hack, but if it works, it works!
    And, for me, it works.

  • @Reinhard-32 See my 'work around' mentioned above.
    That works very well for me!

  • @Albert-Renting I already use the „save as gpx file methode“ and transfer the route via Garmin drive app to my ZumoXT.

  • Instructor

    Check the MTP protocol, maybe this will help

  • I don't have a XT. But understand from various reports that communication with the Apple Mac is not without problems.
    The Zumo XT uses the MTP protocol for communication with a computer. This means that the options on a Mac are somewhat more limited. Only one program can communicate with the Zumo XT at a time.
    Furthermore, Apple does not support the MTP protocol in Finder. So if you want to see the files on your Zumo, you will have to do this with a separate program. For example Android File Transfer. In all cases, other programs may not occupy the Zumo.

  • In addition what I mentioned above I did several test with different setting at my ZumoXT. No success.
    The connection app can't find the ZumoXT.
    No other Garmin program was running. Therefore I think, some work ist to do with the connection app to work with ZumoXT and the Apple Computers.

    Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-06 um 14.14.15.png

    Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-06 um 14.10.09.png he connection app

  • @Reinhard-32 said in Transfer from MRA to ZUMO XT, working from MacBook:

    I think, some work ist to do with the connection app to work with ZumoXT and the Apple Computers.

    On Apple Mac there is only limited support for MTP devices.
    Therefore, I would suggest investigating whether the connection app can connect to Garmin Drive.
    But on the other hand; I don't have XT and I don't know if that is the best solution now.

  • @Jack-van-Tilburg For me it is not a problem. I use primarily my IPad and the Garmin Drive App.
    So I save the route as GPX file and send it via Drive app to my ZumoXT or I use my Windows computer.

    But the problem has to be solved anyway.

  • @Reinhard-32 said in Transfer from MRA to ZUMO XT, working from MacBook:

    Garmin Drive

    I think the Zumo XT was developed by Garmin for use with Garmin Drive. That's why I think the MRA developers should focus on that if they want to solve the problem.
    In any case, it would help a lot if MRA now writes a knowledge article about the application of the XT in combination with Apple Mac.
    Your clues from this and the other topic can contribute nicely to this.

  • For what it’s worth, here’s something lifted from a Garmin webpage:

    Transferring GPX Files From Your Computer

    Apple computers may require additional third-party software, such as Android File Transfer, to read and write files on this device.
    If you have already created routes that you want to use on your device, you can transfer GPX files directly from your computer.
    Connect the device to your computer (Connecting the Device to Your Computer).
    The device appears as a portable device.
    On your computer, open the file browser.
    Select a GPX file.
    Select Edit > Copy.
    Browse to the GPX folder on the device.
    Select Edit > Paste.

    It seems that thinking in terms of MTP in relation to Apple is a bit pointless as that is a Microsoft protocol and the reference to Android Transfer Protocol (AFT) in the above suggests that the XT is Android based. For Garmin to go down such a route seems bizarre to me, and only bound to invite potential conflicts left, right and centre. Given that both Microsoft and Apple desktops and laptops are essentially ‘universal computers’, each capable of running Windows or macOS with relatively little fuss, to have adopted Android seems a major faux pas in terms of inter-operability. Google have even made a clusterwhatnot out of that between their own ChromeOS and Android! (I suspect short term ‘bottom line’ considerations on the part of bean counters have come into play all round, to the detriment of such worthless things as versatility, flexibility and creativity🥴.)

    It appears quite possible to achieve mac/XT communication at drive level, but only via one application at a time? In which case, installing AFT and making sure any conflicting application or service is stopped before use might be the way to go here (with heavy emphasis on the stopping of those other apps & services)?

    Out of curiosity, I have got myself looking at an issue that doesn’t affect me at all, and is very unlikely to (I probably need to get out more!) Personally, I think the dedicated sat nav has a rather limited future and my current Zūmo 390 will very likely be my last. Spend the money on tyres and petrol I say!

  • Instructor

    I think the problem is that an Apple doesn't recognize the Zumo XT

  • Even with Android File Transfer installed?

  • Hi @PAD-0
    Android File Transfer should do the job 🙂

    @Jack-van-Tilburg said in Transfer from MRA to ZUMO XT, working from MacBook:

    if you want to see the files on your Zumo, you will have to do this with a separate program. For example Android File Transfer. In all cases, other programs may not occupy the Zumo.

  • I have managed to get my route/track/POI to the ZUMO XT in the following steps:

    1. design your route in MRA on the MacBook and save it.
    2. When it is saved the route will be in your archive
    3. take the device (iPhone or IPad) which is connected with your ZUMO XT using GARMIN Drive
    4. If no device is connected, you first have to arrange this. You have to choose to connect your iPhone or your iPad.
    5. If connection is made and the ZUMO XT is switched on you can transfer route/tracks/POI with IPhone of iPad with the MRA app
    6. Open the MRA app on the Iphone or iPad
    7. Go to MyRoutes
    8. Open the route you want to upload to the ZUMO XT
    9. push on 'Page menu' in the top right corner
    10. Select 'save as'
    11. I always choose then .gpx 1.1 (track, POI)
    12. Choose in the following pop up menu the option 'GARMIN Drive'
    13. Now the selected route/track will be uploaded to the ZUMO XT
    14. If you have uploaded the track to the ZUMO XT, now let the ZUMO XT calculate your route.
    15. Make sure recalculation is switched off in the ZUMO XT

    This should do the trick.

    Gr.... Rene

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