Shuberth C4 pro

  • Does anyone have this helmet?

    I just bought one πŸ˜– πŸ‘Ή and the first ride I experienced a terrible noise. Like a steam kettle from 90 km/h onwards.

    Anybody with the same experience?

  • RouteXperts

    @Drabslab i can’t help with the C4, but I have a C3 Pro and I find it very quiet.

  • @Nick-Carthew problem solved (sort of).

    The C4 pro has a big opening on top for ventilation and this is creatign a heap of turbulence leadign to a steam cettle noise. A piece of tape covering that opening is enough to make it stop. Now I need to find a more eye pleasing solution πŸ™‚

  • RouteXperts

    @Drabslab Could you take the lining out and seal the vent from the inside?

  • @Nick-Carthew that is an option but with consequence of loosing the ventilation ... which can be very useful in the south of France πŸ™‚

    I am experimenting with small pieces of foam that let some air through, but prevent the wind from making turbulence

  • Just to come back to this issue.

    This whole helmet purchase (two helmets, two SC1 advanced) is becoming a real frustration.

    Just as a warning to fellow motorcyclists:

    Don't let the reputation of the brand fool you:

    The helmet is noisy, the ventilation on top catches turbulent air and whistles as a steam cettle

    The SENA communication system is a letdown:

    • complicated to use, for setting it up you must use combinations of pushes on tiny buttons (try to remember them all)
    • virtually impossible to use with gloves
    • user manual should get a reward for explaining the most simple things a complex as possible

    If onlythis stuff would not be so expensive, I could throw it away

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