Changelog 16th of november 2020

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    This changelog includes resolved issues in the different parts of MyRoute-app. This development cycle less bugs were resolved. This is because most critical bugs have been fixed and attention has switched to completing the final stages of the RoadMap 1.1. update. The 1.1. update is now running in an internal beta.

    General bugfixes
    • no general bugfixes. A planned patch including timezone-adjusted date/time information in the routelibrary was postponed to the next development cycle. A solution was found, but created several risks in the software. It also ran very slow. As a result, the team is now researching a novel and more general patch solution.

    MRA Routeplanner bugfixes
    • Track uploading has been fixed. Tracks can now be properly uploaded again.
    • A temporary issue with the roundtour generator was resolved.
    • Several exporting problems have been resolved for Garmin, BMW, and TomTom.

    MRA Navigation bugfixes
    • Core rewriting is in it's final stages. While general performance has been greatly improved because of this, several secondary functions now no longer work. The Mobile development team aims to get a new stable version out within the next two weeks.

  • Hello Timo, is there any news about "MRA Navigation" in the meantime?

  • @Mopetenpit said in Changelog 16th of november 2020:

    Hello Timo, is there any news about "MRA Navigation" in the meantime?

    Have I placed my question in a wrong place here? Or can anyone else give an answer?

  • @Mopetenpit

    Hello Peter,

    We are testing MRA Navigation at this at this moment

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