Quad Lock Motorcycle phone mounts

  • RouteXperts

    There has been many discussions on social media regarding the use of the latest smart phones on motorcycles and whether the camera can be damaged or affected by vibrations. I use a Quad Lock case and mount and have done for many thousands of miles without any problems at all. I recently upgraded from an iPhone 6s to an iPhone 11 and have decided to invest in a vibration dampener from Quad Lock (just in case 🤞). The dampener was only £14.35 with a 10% discount code from their website with free P&P. A cheap insurance policy I thought. I'll let you know my thoughts when it arrives.
    I know there was another topic regarding phone damage and noted that Quad Lock was not mentioned.
    In my opinion, Quad Lock have the smartest and neatest solution. You buy a case that stays on your phone and offers protection 24/7 and then decide on what mount you would like and with a quick turn, your phone is securely mounted.
    I have two mounts on my motorcycle and one for the car. The quality and ease of use is exceptional and I highly recommend Quad Lock.
    Does anyone else use these? Quad Lock UK


  • @Nick-Carthew I use the SP Connect system. Similar to quadlock.

  • RouteXperts

    @StefanHummelink They look very similar, in fact they look like they may be connected with Quad Lock but they are more expensive!

  • SP connect for me and my iPhone 7s

  • Yeah broke my camera. just ordered the Vibration damper. should help.

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