RELEASE: Routeplanner Roadmap now available for everyone!

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    Attention Community,

    After a long design process we’re now ready to release the roadmap for the MyRoute-app Routeplanner for public viewing. A momentous event, and all members of the MRA Community Forum are the first to know! 🎇 ✨

    ➡ View the roadmap here!

    The Roadmap is meant as a way to comprehensively and transparently publish our ambitions for the MyRoute-app Routeplanner. This way, you’ll be able to actively track what we’re doing including the often unseen “background work” in the form of infrastructure upgrades.

    The MRA Routeplanner, formerly known as just "MyRoute-app", has been continuously developed since 2013. Containing both a free and paid subscription, the MRA Routeplanner is fast becoming the standard for motorcyclists and motorists worldwide. With an active community of over 190.000 enthusiastic users, the MRA Routeplanner is not only an industry leader, it is one of the most ambitious community-driven projects in its field. The combined feedback of the community and the development team led to this roadmap.

    We’ve broken down the RoadMap into ten milestones, labelled 1.0 to 2.0. Each milestone consists out of one or more projects from one of three categories. The project categories are:

    💚 GREEN: System Features
    System features are upgrades to MRA Routeplanner that have been designed and planned by the development team.

    💙 BLUE: Community Features
    Community Features are upgrades to MRA Routeplanner that have been designed and voted for by the MyRoute-app community.

    💛 YELLOW: Internal Infrastructure
    Internal Infrastructure upgrades are improvements to invisible systems and processes that increase sustainability and efficiency.

    In parallel to this publicly viewable roadmap, we’ve also transitioned to powerful project management tools that allow us to track, manage and complete individual tasks on each project and each milestone. We’re confident that this way we’ll be able to actively release features and updates on a more regular basis and conforming to a more recognizable pattern.

    On a final note, please note that for each milestone we’ve now logged an estimated 3 month milestone duration. We aim to decrease the time between milestones, but as this is the very first time we’re going to be working on projects like this we wanted to project a duration that seems very attainable.

    ➡ View the roadmap here!

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA In short: very nice, very promising, I'll keep on top of this.

  • I like you so much!
    This year gave me a lot of time to spend it ON the road, guided by different route-planners.
    After an intensive trip to TomTom with some annoying setbacks I just came back again to you.
    The roadmap is extremely interesting and ambitious.
    I am looking forward to the new features!

  • Hello,

    Since the new release i cannot crerate any new route's!!
    When i fill in the name a pop-up appears asking for the name again.
    Wht's wrtong. Firfox is my browser.

  • @peter-r Problem solved!!!

  • The best is getting better.
    Simple as that.


  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA very professional - congratulations!

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